In "Friends", Joey claims a pair of time "va fa Napoli". I recognize now that it"s a softer version of you-know-what, but how soft/rude is it?

Can that be offered in the public? ~ above a radio/TV? In a children show? deserve to I speak it to a colleague together a joke?

A side question: is this expression widely interpreted at all?



"Va fa Napoli" is not an reference yet a phrase that sounds prefer it and it sounds prefer vaffan...

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that is as rude as fu_k off.

If you to speak it in Italy we can understand what friend mean however is quite ridiculous since it doesn"t mean anything, it"s an American stereotype if girlfriend prefer.

First time that I witnessed Friends in initial version i laughed because that it.

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So if you use it come speak with other American civilization it can be rude since no one knows what that means, if you usage it with tasiilaq.nets it"s simply ridiculous and also meaningless.



My grandparents would frequently use the expression "va fa Napoli" (or occasionally shortened to "fa Napoli"). You have the right to hear the expression supplied on The Sopranos and also in the Academy award winning movie environment-friendly Book. Mine grandparents to be Napolitano and also learned the Napoli dialect from their parents), but they prospered up and lived in the Bronx. Indigenous what I recognize "va fa Napoli" is much more slang, maybe more specific to brand-new York tasiilaq.nets, native the boroughs, with roots in Naples language (which is why Joey on friend would use it, or Tony Soprano, or Tony the Lip in environment-friendly Book). Mine teacher, that was native Naples construed it, yet said many world don"t use the expression. However my grandmother said me it expected "go come Naples" i beg your pardon was favor saying "go come hell" due to the fact that it"s so warm down in Naples. I have no idea if this is true. Yet whatever the etymology, it"s a negative expression however not vulgar, much more akin to speak "get lost" than anything else... (certainly no "do that in the ass" as formerly suggested.) There are so plenty of expressions i picked increase from my grandparents, many kinda vulgar, because they largely spoke in prior of united state to curse or humiliation someone. I"ve shared them v a Naples-native friend who understands these expressions perfectly, because they room still used, but often my pronunciation is contempt off--a product that the American influence and being diluted by generations who never learned to spell the words however could approximate the sound of these expressions.