I to be translating a title of a report and the client wants to emphasize corporate core values:el título refiere a Valor económico, Valor de valores corporativos, Valor coraje, tiene varios significados, se hizo así adrede.

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It literally way "with value" however the "valores" you"re writing about aren"t value of the monetary kind yet values as in principles, like family members values.


Valor deserve to refer come monetary value for example: "Este automovil no tiene valor" is prefer saying This vehicle has no financial value.

Also, Valor may refer come courage for instance "Tuve el valor de matarlos" definition I had the ship to death them.




"Con Valor" has plenty of different meaning depending that the context. In fact, the word "Valor" has actually 11 different meanings, and the word "con" has actually six various meanings. However, the ones that uses here are:

Principle. E.g. "Con valores familiares como esos, tu puedes..."Valor/Bravery/Courage. E.g. "Con valor podremos enfrentar al enemigo..."Monetary. E.g. "Con el valor de ese equipo, podriamos comprar..."Mathematics. E.g "Con valor equitativo al de la "y" "

If you want a more complete answer, I imply to top the thesaurus of the royal tasiilaq.net Academy. "The real Academia Española (English: imperial tasiilaq.net Academy), normally abbreviated as RAE, is the official royal college responsible for overseeing the tasiilaq.net language..." - Wikipedia

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