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These space some an easy words of oriental Dramas or usual word that Korean´s Vocabulary:Aigo <아이고>:A word used to present frustration. The Korean tantamount of "aw man!" or "geez."Aegyo <애교>:Acting too many cute and innocent to charm fans. Can be done by masculine or mrs idols, commonly in a pose choose this:


Ajusshi <아저씨>: Literally method "uncle," but is used in polite conversation to refer to a man who is older 보다 you, and who girlfriend don"t know well.

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Andwae <안돼>:Korean word meaning "no way," usually provided in moments of disbelief, shock, fear, or defiance. Andwae is also one that those indigenous you"ll finish up using by you yourself while surfing the web and also stumbling top top a scandalous story or outrageous pan fiction.
Bias <바이어스>:
Your pure favorite actor, whom you will support no issue what his job is.(My ultimate predisposition is Junkook from BTS)

Bromance :A platonic, nearby friendship in between two actors or idols that appears to be nearly romantic, stimulating substantial feels manufacturing in all that look upon it.


Chaebol <재벌>:A tried-and-true character form in korean dramas, the affluent heir of a family conglomerate. Pretty lot every Kdrama male lead ever has play a chaebol at part point.
Dongseng <동생>:A dongsaeng is a younger friend or sibling. Anyone younger 보다 you is considered your dongsaeng, nevertheless of gender.
Eye smile:
once a male or mrs smiles, their eyes become tiny and also type into their very own smile. Usually eye smiles space a stealthy way of flirting and stealing your affections. A male or girl can be crazy or even rude, but the moment they smile and also reveal their eye smile, they"re the cutest world in the universe!
Flower boy: An exceptionally attractive, model-perfect korean guy that dresses well. F4 of boys Over Flowers gives the can be fried example.
Hyung <형>:Literally enlarge brother, but additionally used by oriental males to deal with another male older 보다 them who they space close to.

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Idol: A masculine or woman who has actually gone with years the training only to debut and also stun all the fangirls and also fanboys in the human being with remarkable dance skills, catchy songs, funny selection show stints, and the occasional K-drama role. Never ever forget: The trainees of today are the biases that tomorrow.