Ratherm than "God's name", it would certainly be better to questioning "The name of the Hebrew/judaic god". - samdie, ENE 29, 2010

In English, the 2 most typical ways of rendering the name of the God of the holy bible are Jehovah and also Yahweh. This two have actually Spanish equivalents, namely: Jehová y Yahvéh

While over there is much theological debate around exact pronunciation, etc., the fact remains that these two are typically used in both languages.

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And buckleydwyer, hopefully you have already found it, because the easiest means to listen the joint is come look up Jehová in this site"s dictionary and click on the speaker icon.

Pretty tricky question....considering that "Jehovah" is yes, really a ax stemming native Hebrew

Strangely enough so room the names: Jesús, José, María, Joél, David, Ana, Felipe, etc.


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Jehovah likewise is supplied in Spanish. Maybe due to the fact that of the widespread work of Jehovah's Witnesses? - 0057ed01, ENE 29, 2010
While they did not come up v the name 'Jehovah' or 'Jehová', castle are absolutely known for their usage of it. - chaparrito, ENE 29, 2010
Much more likely 보다 the effect of "Jehova's Witnesses" is the an easy fact of it's occurance in the old and new testaments. - samdie, ENE 29, 2010
I read the J.W.'s Watchtower (Atalaya) y wake up (Despertad) in Spanish and also they use Jehová. - 0074b507, FEB 2, 2010

If you kind the indigenous Jehová into the thesaurus at the optimal of the screen, girlfriend can click on the "Speaker icon" to hear its pronunciation. Shot the exact same with Jehovah.

You"ll get 2 an extremely different pronunciations. (Curiously, Jehovah sounds very English come me.)

Hope the helps...

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jehovah is the surname of the genuine God. Called the tetragramaton. Friend dont have to be a holy bible scholar. The facts is this people is changing, and also religon is not what it supplied to be. I think now there is an approximated 35,000 christian religons. Funny eph 4;5 says one faith one religon.....hmmmanyway have the right to anyone phone call me where spanish orignates please????

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It is great to store in mind the this forum is made up of world with plenty of differing beliefs. Yet every member desires to learn Spanish better. That is the function of this site, no debating an individual religious beliefs, also if one is thank you very much in law so. - chaparrito, FEB 2, 2010
Do friend still need to know just how to pronounce the surname Jehovah in Spanish? If friend have one more question please article it separately since it would be unrelated to this thread. :-) - chaparrito, FEB 2, 2010

Pretty tricky question....considering the "Jehovah" is really a term stemming indigenous Hebrew

My Español Moderna variation of the holy bible says Jehovah, while mine Reina Valera version says Jehová

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Jehovah is the German rendition; the J has actually a Y sound and the V has actually a W sound. - SaigeSmith, ABR 18, 2012

The god that the bible is jehova climate why does everyone say Jesus or Lord.

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God = Jehova = The dad | Jesus = Messiah = The child | mr = Emmanuel = He who is v us - bdclark0423, ENE 29, 2010
The answer would vary relying on whether you to be a Trinitarian or not. - 0074b507, FEB 2, 2010

Hola, buckleydwyer. ¿Como estás?

You asked, "Why does everyone say Jesus or Lord?"

Well, the sounds choose a question you"d have to ask a theologian. It"s surely beyond me.

Meanwhile, did girlfriend hear just how Jehová is pronounce in Spanish by start it into the thesaurus at the optimal of the screen?

I did, and also must speak it"s one of the more daunting Spanish words come say.

I wish you much good luck do the efforts to express it.

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It is Jehová

Jehová. (Del hebr. Yahweh). 1. M. Nombre de Dios en la lengua hebrea.

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ah correctly! you're right, the correct Hebrew together is /ja-WAI/ I'm asking my Jewish friend in B.A. To see if she can provide an answer (at the very least from one Argentine was standing point) - bdclark0423, ENE 28, 2010
The thesaurus here has both "Spanish" spellings. Why, I'm not sure. - 0057ed01, ENE 28, 2010
Wasn't the question about how words is pronounced? would certainly it be much better to listen it? Which deserve to be quickly done by using the Dictionary. Jehová seems legitimate, though. - 0057ed01, ENE 28, 2010