may I say this to an extremely good friendI wouldn"t say this is unconditionally booked for romance. It substantially counts on just how well your frifinish understands you and your motivations.

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If you are incredibly cshed to this perchild, I don"t see why it would be a difficulty to say it to your frifinish.
I agree via cyberpedant. It all counts on if your frifinish understands it is not meant to be romantic. You simply don"t desire him/her to take it the wrong method.

Well, it all depends on your connection and the means you usually interact (there"s no way for us to really understand that). I"d say that "you suppose the world to me" is a pretty powerful statement, and also it could be interpreted as a desire to readjust the borders of your current connection.I think I"d save it for my substantial various other or my youngsters.

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Very emotional parents could say this to their kids. I agree that friends are most likely to take it the wrong method. It"s comparable to saying something like: "You are the many vital perchild in my life." Even if that"s true, it"s a weird thing to say to a friend that you are not romantically interested in bereason people suppose that only your substantial other/spousage or children could be the many essential. If I heard friends making use of "you intend the human being to me", I would certainly mean it to be in a conversation about how it was weird that they were that uncommonly cshed.

vost, You tell someone you love them, however you"re worried that "you intend the people to me" is too much? That does not make sense to me. Love is a lot higher on the intimate scale than the other, in my opinion. If you already deserve to say those three words back and also forth to each various other without misunderstanding, your other statement need to create no extra problems at all! If you tell her you love her currently and also she does not take it romantically, this isn"t going to guide her the other means. I say go ahead and use it. If a man told me he loved me, I"d assume I already expected the civilization to him. These words need to intend somepoint in different ways to you than they carry out to me. I personally don"t recognize any type of male that would tell me he loves me and only expect it in a friendly means, unless we"re associated. But in your case, I think you"ve already established that it"s something different in meaning. AngelEyes