button to present how the first fraction compares to the 2nd fraction." data-instruct3="Press the new EXAMPLE switch for next instance or push the START button to reset score.">

Follow the direction in the dialog box after pushing the button. The button may it is in pressed come see exactly how to perform the example.

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When to compare Fractions starts, you will certainly be offered two fractions to compare, as in the instance below:


You room to decision if the portion on the left is less than, equal to, or higher than the portion on the right. Friend will choose for better than. Displayed in the dialog boxare your selections of , or =.

If the denominators are the same, the fraction with the bigger numerator is larger and if the numerators are the same, the portion with the bigger denominator is smaller.

The complying with cmpare fountain illustration was made byCompare Fractions through Lines Designer:

The fractions 3⁄4 and 2⁄3 are pictured v number present below:


Let"s make the platform the same so that we can compare the numerators. Fractions v the exact same denominators are like fractions.

Here, we will present the idea of the least common denominator or LCD. LCD is an idea that will certainly be provided incomparing, adding, and subtracting fractions. The LCD is the smallest number that both 4 and 3 will certainly divide into evenly. The LCD for the fractions 3⁄4 and 2⁄3 is12 due to the fact that both platform 4 and 3 division evenly right into 12.

Then, compose each fraction with the typical denominator 12 to do them like. The illustration reflects that 3⁄4 is same to 9⁄12 and also 2⁄3 is same to 8/12. Once each fraction is renamed with a typical denominator, you deserve to compare the numerators - the larger the numerator the larger the fraction.

Since 3⁄4 is greater than 2⁄3, girlfriend will choose the > symbol.

See the regimen RENAME IN higher TERMS for an ext information on renaming fractions.

One means to find the LCD is to view if the smaller sized denominator 3 will certainly divide evenly right into the larger denominator 4. If not, multiply the larger denominator 4 by 2 to gain 8. Will the smaller denominator 3divide right into 8? No, so main point the larger denominator through 3 to acquire 12. Will certainly 3 division evenly right into 12? Yes, so 12 is the LCD for the denominators 3 and 4. If not, climate multiply by 4, then 5, etc. Until the smallerdenominator divides right into the product.

Also, reasoning of the pictures of the fountain will aid you decision which is the larger.

Choose the (greater than) if you thinkthe portion is larger. If correct, number lines showing the comparative size of the two fractions will certainly appear.Press the button to view each portion with the common denominator.

For much more instruction top top comparng fractions walk to how To compare Fractions.

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After you push the button you may press the button. The report will certainly ask for her name however you might submit a code for your name. This report will offer same results as ~ above the dialog box.The report may be printed or e-mailed.