What go up and down there is no moving? Riddles have never to be my strong point, however this one caught my eye. I’ll give you a couple of seconds to ponder your answer.

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First, how does one go about answering together a riddle? The “without moving” part states the major restriction. So we collection that condition an initial and climate look for any kind of compliant answer i m sorry fulfills the “up and down” requirement.


The answer could be something the is solved in one place. It can be something the spans the “up” and also “down” from its present position. Might it be something abstract like air or emotions that carry out not have actually a tangible physics manifestation, and also therefore carry out not show up to it is in moving?

Time’s up. Go you make a assumption: v yet?

I often draw a empty when it pertains to riddle questions. As soon as in doubt, ask the Internet. Paging Google…

What walk up and down without moving?

There room several feasible answers. Please have actually a look and then feel free to discuss them in your comment. Various other suggestions space welcome also.

The Sun:

On the Riddlesbrainteasers.com forum, numerous people said that the sun goes up and also down there is no moving. Why doesn’t it move? because the earth is moving roughly it, giving us the illusion the it is circling ours world. We are moving in relationship to the sun, so it appears to go “up and also down” every day without in reality needing come move. That course, the sun is not stationary (it go rotate and move with space), however it go not have to do therefore to develop the perception (from our vantage point on earth) of going up and also down.

Info Source: RiddlesBrainTeasers

A trip of Stairs:

What walk up and down there is no moving? ResearchManiacs believes the the finest answer is a trip of stairs. It does not move. And it associate up with down. Yet this is slightly disingenuous due to the fact that the stairway themselves execute not go up and down. Only world walking up and also down the stairway travel in between these altitudes and they are moving in bespeak to achieve this.


Info Source: ResearchManiacs

The Carpet on the Stairs:

Similarly, other laid over the surface ar of the stairs might be stated to it is in going up and also down without in reality moving. A carpet fits this definition. Also a human laying under (uncomfortably) top top the stairs and spanning number of steps might be said to be going up and down without any motion. I’ll credit transaction the Teacherneedhelp.com website for the carpet idea.

Info Source: TeacherNeedHelp

People on one Escalator:

Though I have actually not checked out this pointed out elsewhere, one escalator is an evident variation ~ above the staircase. Escalators are moving stairs. For this reason the staircase no longer follows the “without moving” condition. However what around the human being on it? They room travelling up or down without relocating their own bodies to obtain there.

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Temperature plunges high and also low without movement. However, to track this, one demands a thermometer. Up and also down is precisely what a thermometer shows.


There need to be other feasible answers because that this riddle. Carry out you have actually any an excellent ideas?

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