Mya Harrison to be born into a musical household in Washington DC in 1979. She was among three children. She dad Sherman Harrison to be a musician and singer and passed his love the music under to Mya, who began playing the violin at an early age.

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At the period of four, she really dropped in love with music ~ watching her dad song in church. She said Vibe newspaper (via The day-to-day Beast) the she was moved by his performance and she wanted to make civilization feel the same way she felt around music.

As she to express her interest in the music business, her dad assisted her perfect her vocal abilities. And both of her parents took manage of she career and became her managers.

Her dad began shopping around her demo, and also while she was still a teens in high school, she signed a recording contract with Interscope Records. For 2 years, her document label assembled one all-star actors of collaborators, including Missy Elliot, Dru Hill, Diane Warren, and also Silkk Tha Shocker. In April 1998, once Mya was just 18-years-old, her debut, self-titled album to be released. The album went platinum through over 2 million copies sold worldwide.

Everything to be perfect. Every one of her dreams were ultimately coming true. Yet sadness was right around the corner.

A household in turmoil


She released the album Fear that Flying in 2000, followed by Moodring in 2003. And then, Mya decided it was time to emphasis on herself. She said Refinery29 that in 2005, she moved ago home come Washington D.C. She brother built her a record studio native the ground up. Mya also created a structure for children from broken homes and returned to her roots by coming to be a jazz run teacher. She likewise attempted to carry peace and also harmony within her immediate family, as well as peace in ~ herself.

Even though taking a hiatus was on she agenda, she to be still pushed into remaining involved in the industry. Therefore in 2005, she signed v Ford Modeling agency and carried in a brand-new management team to manage her singing career.

Vicious rumors


She continued to star in assorted movies. She additionally left she record firm in 2006 and signed with Universal Motown. She taped her fourth album Liberation in simply three months.

Due to budget cuts, the release date was pushed earlier numerous times. Eventually, the album to be accidentally leaked in Japan, and her document label climate released the album together a digital download only in October 2007, which yes, really bothered Mya.

Mya is life on her very own planet


In 2009, more rumors emerged around her love life. When attending a nightclub, she ran right into Gucci Mane and also they take it a photo together.

When she went to say goodbye to him, she leaned in close because the club music was so loud. Photographers snapped photos, and it appeared that she and the rapper were leaning in because that a kiss. Mya do a windy statement via DJ Whoo Kid, denying she and Gucci to be an item. 

A Grammy nod


Mya claims she’s continually approached by fans that beg she to release brand-new music. She politely directs castle to her website and also social media pages. Climate she allows them understand she has never stopped making music. She has actually just taken a different strategy to her career. That, unfortunately, means she doesn’t always receive the airplay she deserves.

Without a huge record agency backing her, she can’t constantly afford to get her music heard by the masses. However she isn’t complaining. Despite all the shake-ups that have actually happened during her career, her creative process hasn’t changed. She told Ebony magazine she doesn’t leaving the studio until five in the morning, sleeps till one in the afternoon, it s okay up, and starts the procedure all over again. 

She called Vibe if she has a deadline, she periodically won’t eat for three days in a row. That course, this has actually left she family really concerned. Also though she still financially supports them, Mya called Vibe her household has asked her to choose one more career path due to the fact that it’s too expensive to it is in an elevation musician. But her 2017 Grammy nomination was enough confirmation because that her that the sacrifices were fine worth it.

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As the head the her very own label, Mya told The culture she’s her very own manager, does she own engineering in the studio, draft contracts, and fully funds her projects. This form of flexibility has served her well, yet it comes at a cost. She said Vibe in 2018 the she downgraded her whole life through moving into a small studio apartment in California.

She’s not done yet


Mya has built her own magical human being that is complete of positivity. And also anything that endangers her pleasure gets banished. She told The Source she do the efforts to safeguard herself from negative forces by transforming down certain gigs. But in 2018, she to be presented v the perfect opportunity once she join the cast of the drama series fifth Ward. And also in 2019, she attached up with her girlfriend Lil Kim to become a actors member that the VH1 present Girls Cruise.

She celebrated her 40th date of birth in 2019 together well and collaborated through a lot of different artists, including Tory Lanez. She also caused a stir as soon as TMZ revealed she gained married in December 2019 come a secret man in the Seychelles Islands. Pertained to find out, Mya actually married herself! The news to be a marketing tactic to promote her song “The Truth.”

She told significance magazine she’s functioning on her ninth studio album, which is booked to fall in 2020. And even despite she might not be in ~ the forefront of the sector anymore, she has finish control over she career and her life. Mya couldn’t be any type of happier, and also we’re proud of her too!

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