It’s not unusual for one spouse to have reservations around signing divorce papers, also when the other spouse is totally through with them and also no much longer wants come be connected in the marriage. This affords lock a tiny little bit of leverage insofar as they have the right to make the divorce take longer prior to the court disappear the matter. Otherwise, their consent isn’t important to dissolve the marriage. In Florida, only one spouse requirements to say the the marital relationship is irretrievably broken.

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Even in cases where the spouse being offered the records attempts to hide indigenous the organization of the papers, judges, depending upon the circumstances, will grant default divorces or uncontested divorces in those situations.

Uncontested divorce remains the least stressful alternative for dissolving a marriage. However in order to qualify because that an uncontested divorce, both spouses have to agree come all concerns related to residential or commercial property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. In instances where there room children, the procedure will take it longer, also uncontested. The court will have to review all problems related come custody and child assistance to ensure that the best interests the the children are met. If your spouse refuses to sign the last divorce papers, the referee may give you the alternative of proceeding as if the divorce is uncontested.

Otherwise, you can petition the court to get in a default judgment against the various other spouse because that willfully failing come respond to the divorce complaint. When you file a petition for divorce, you are expected to serve the various other spouse v papers. If they are hiding or otherwise attempting to skirt the issue, the court may assign a 30-day period during i m sorry they have to respond. If lock fail to respond within that 30-day period, climate the court will enter a default judgment against the other spouse. These methods, of course, space superior to coercing the matter at gunpoint.

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