“Nikki! What in the world are you doing? you can’t execute that!” i gently stated to my dear wife.

She had just cursed an unpardonable sin in my residence of origin. She…are you ready for my unveiling of she dastardly crime…she…left a…spoon…in ours

leftovers…and…oh the humanity!…put stated bowl and also spoon…in the refrigerator!!!

Apparently, she is hell bending on death our whole family. At the very least that is the means that ns was raised to think. Nikki in tears that laughter—or possibly pain, i never can tell—informed me that this tiny spoon dominance was nothing much more than one old wives tale. I think she likewise began taunting me by sticking the spoon in the fridge and then she mouth.

As I began thinking around this i realized the it is a little ludicrous. But, after part research, I discovered that my mother is not entirely insane. At least not ~ above this point. Or at the very least she wouldn’t have been insane about 50 years ago. The is maybe possible somewhat likely that a copper or aluminum spoon might actually cause some problems with her food if left in leftovers in your fridge and consumed later. Trouble is us no much longer use aluminum spoons and the ones that we have in ours home can be left in the refrigerator for weeks and also never do any kind of damage.

So, I lived for a good 25 year of mine life with a death fear of spoons placed in a refrigerator. This was life changing information because that me.

Sin, Familiarity, and Light

What is the allude of this story? together Charles Bridges has said

Indeed that is the fearful home of sin come hide its own character and tendency. The blindness rises in proportion come our familiarity v it. (Commentary top top Proverbs 14:12, web page 177)

I never realized that my are afraid of spoons and refrigerators to be woefully misinformed till I to be placed exterior my family members of origin and entered the people of another. Due to the fact that of my familiarity v this spoon ascendancy my remote was never ever exposed. It’s the same method with sin.

As Bridges claims sin doesn’t prefer to display itself because that what the is. Sin likes to hide in the dark and make girlfriend think it isn’t there. Or at the very least it renders itself not seem so bad as that exposes it’s fifty percent truth but masks its fatal poison. The much more familiar we room with these details sins the less likely we room to see them for what they yes, really are.

Because the this propensity of sin 3 things are absolutely necessary for living the Christian life. The darkness that sin is only exposed by:

The light of words The irradiate of the spirit The light of the redeemed ar

We need the church, the Scriptures, and also the job-related of the heart to conquer the remote to our sin.

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Might we be choose David that said, “Search me, O God, and also know my heart! shot me and also know mine thoughts! and also see if over there be any type of grievous method in me, and lead me in the method everlasting!”

And then might we be bold sufficient to place ourselves under the irradiate of the Word, the Spirit and the redeemed community.