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If I put a fifteen amp fuse in a 10 amp slot what will happen? My cab clearance lights fuse blew and it was a 10 amp fuse. I didn"t have any so I put a 15 amp fuse in. I"m not an electrical master but what"s the worst that could happen?
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the worst... melt down the wires.... BUT im goignto say your pretty safe wit hit. It isn"t that big of a difference in the two.
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ummm fire.... thats what the fuses are for. if you have current overflow there is no built in protection. remove it ASAP.


i did it for my dash lights just to make it home one time, but put the correct fuse in the next morningbtw andy, i think this is the first post ive ever seen you have that was not sarcastic or funny at really are gettin to be an old man with a truck! :rof
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