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The travelers that come with the camp, Tom Simboy, otherwise well-known as the "Innocent," and Piney Woods, through whom Tom has actually run amethod, stay with the outcasts from Poker Flat for a week. When the snowstorms carry out not abate, Tom rides to Poker Flat for help, and also the woguys huddle...

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The travelers who come via the camp, Tom Simchild, otherwise recognized as the "Innocent," and Piney Woods, through whom Tom has run away, remain with the outcasts from Poker Flat for a week. When the snowstorms carry out not abate, Tom rides to Poker Flat for assist, and also the womales huddle together in the cold cabin where they have run out of hardwood. Piney freezes to fatality, as do the other women. Mr. Oakhurst dies in a gulch external.

Due to the fact that the dissolute Uncle Billy absconds via the provisions and also the mules, Mr. Oakhurst and a womale from the saloon, called Duchess, via another recognized as "Mother Shipton" are left via nopoint on which to survive and also no means of traveling with the high nation where they have actually been stranded. When Tom Simson and his love, Piney Woods, come through, Tom recognizes Mr. Oakhurst because he when returned to Tom all the money he had actually lost to Oakhurst in a poker game. After Uncle Billy leaves the camp, Tom charitably provides to share their offers. Mr. Oakhurst does not disclose the rapscallion Billy for what he is, hoping to not alarm the young couple. 

With Mr. Oakhurst"s calm demeanor and the optimistic innocence of Tom, who does not realize the risk, the others come to be even more cheerful. When Tom sets out for Poker Flat to seek rescuers, Mr. Oakhurst goes part of the means with him, leaving the woguys in the cabin. After the rescuers come, it is as well late for Mvarious other Shipton and also the Duchess and also Piney, who are still hugging each various other in frozen embraces:

...pitying fingers brumelted the snow from their wan faces, you might scarcely have actually told from the equal tranquility that dwelt upon them which was she that had sinned. Even the legislation of Poker Flat recognized this, and also turned ameans.

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At the head of a gulch, a poker card is discovered with the self-inscribed epitaph of Mr. Oakhurst pinned to a pine tree through a bowie knife:

Beneath this treeLies the body ofJohn Oakhurstthat struck a streak of negative luckon the 2third of November, 1850....

He lay in the snow via a bullet in his heart and a Derringer at his side, "as soon as the strongest and yet the weakest of the outcasts of Poker Flat."