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What Happens once the SmogLifts in Los Angeles, California?24.6 crn20.8 cmLCV.-CQ)7CVCVN0L"hN bVEE*5?CVE E Zm~OOd b ZCV.7.c-9,200 in?00L3rl-=Lo25 rn20 in.CV494 in.6.6 rn15 in?.-bFind the AREA and also the-PERIMETER of every triangle below. Look for bothanswers in the rectangle. Shade in each area containing a exactly answer.5 in.5 in.114 in.
r-lTOPIC 4-f: Area the TrianglesMIDDLE school MATH v PIZZAZZ! book DO creative PublicationsHow would You define a Dead Skunk?Round each answer to the nearest tenth (if necessary). Find each answer in ~ thebottom of the page and cross the end the letter above it. Once you finish, the price tothe title question will remain.
A rectangle is 6 mwide and also 11 m long.How lengthy is the6mdiagonal of therectangle?for a hike. Castle hiked 5 mi west andthen2 mi north. How far were they from thecampsite?I1 m
A television screen may it is in describedburning building is 40feet over the ground.The basic of a ladder isplaced 9 feet native thebuilding. Exactly how longmust the ladder it is in to4 glreach the window?in regards to the diagonal measure ofits screen. If a TV display is 20 in. Wideand 15 in. High, what is the size ofits diagonal?
A quarterback atpoint A throwsthe football toa recipient whocatches it atpoint B. Howlong was the pass?B/
The bases top top a baseball diamond are 9025 ydfeet apart. How far is it from residence plateto second base?-
The lawn in former of Pythagoras Jr. HighA/ r14ydis in the shape of a rectangle 24 m longand 10 m wide. How numerous metersshorter is her walk if friend walkdiagonally throughout the lawn rather thanalong 2 sides of it?

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A rope is stretched from the top of a7-foot time pole to a point on the ground1 2 ft from the basic of the pole. How longis the rope?DES..xE* a ns r r j~NAXTNOISNTACKT-E.+cEu0" Z - enlmC"C4=nl E a m g b * 0 6 . ~~ n 7j G ~ - 4~ - dw n i ~c u c~ d d Yr ns c * u m~EFEDTOPIC 6-b: The preeminence of Pythagoras:Finding the size of the HypotenuseE.GCI"D-74MIDDLE institution MATH with PIZZAZZ! book Do an imaginative P~~blicationsN