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LilyLuna Potter || Gryffindor|| respectable 23rd

Dreamcast: SophieTurner

Quidditch Position: Chaser

Career: Quidditch


Shewould have been sorted right into Gryffindor just like the rest of her family. She was virtually placed in Slytherin but sheasked the Sorting cap to location her in Gryffindor since she wanted to it is in inthe same home as Hugo.After Hugo was placed in Hufflepuff she realisedthat probably it wouldn’t have actually been too negative to have been sorted into Slytherin.She was very smart but sometimes favored to hide while at other times she put herknowledge into creating pranks.

Shewould have gained along very well through her brothers and her parents. Albus andJames were very protective that her, never ever letting anyone lay a finger on her andif they walk let’s just say that they would be in a world of trouble. At timesLily found her brothers infuriating yet mostly she couldn’t spend at some point awayfrom them. She and James bonded over a mutual love for laughter and comedy,they both room Hogwarts biggest troublemakers. Lily is most likely the lesser ofthe two because she knows as soon as to stop, she would sometimes put her foot onthe line simply to watch what would certainly happen yet James would always cross it notthinking of the consequences. Lily was well known for talk them the end of situationswhich would certainly have obtained anyone rather expelled. Albus and Lily have an ext of aconfiding relationship. Lily constantly goes come Albus if she has any kind of troubles orproblems and also Albus would always be may be to discover a solution no issue theproblem. Albus was a shoulder come cry on and also Lily felt like he was the onlyperson she might really speak to around herself, it’s where she didn’t have actually tohide or lie anything. She and also Ginny have actually an strange relationship, Lily looks up toand significantly admires her mother however she can frequently be seen suggesting with her aboutlittle stuff that don’t matter. Take care of is constantly there to talk them both downand realise the error of their ways.

Lilyand Hugo have a nearby friendship unlike any kind of of the various other children. They arethere because that each various other through everything, I typical everything. No issue what theysay come each other or what they perform to other people they will constantly be in ~ eachothers side backing lock up. They never once rotate on each other and neverlied about anything. Lily loves Hugo prefer her small brother and at times theywould often tell other world that they were. She would perform anything that askedher come do and he would perform the same. Albus, James and also Rose would regularly getjealous of your bond as they never ever felt connected to their sibling as much asthe two cousins were.

Lilywas one of the ideal Quidditch players ever before in the Gryffindor team, and also the bestChaser in the institution by a mile, and was asked come join experienced Quidditchteams before she had also left Hogwarts. James and also Albus were never ever jealous ofLily’s talent and also were found at time announcing it to everyone that they werethe brother of the best Quidditch player ever before seen in ~ Hogwarts. Bother asthe just one that obtained a tiny bit jealous yet he couldn’t have been an ext proudof his youngest daughter. She to be also, how amazing both her parents, impressive atPotions and was praised by every her teacher for she high understanding of thesubject.

Lilyonly date one human being in Hogwarts, Scorpius. The 2 were an initial very closefriends, through Albus. Scorpius was regularly at the Potter house during theholidays especially during the Christmas break when not just he but Draco andAstoria would sign up with Harry and also Ginny because that a Christmas meal. Albus and also Scorpiuswere nearly as close as Lily and Hugo so anytime Lily wanted to speak to Albusshe often crosses routes with Scorpius. The 2 were at first only friends,because Lily didn’t desire Scorpius and also Albus’ friendship come be ruined by themdating, but Lily always had a small crush ~ above Scorpius which only grew the moreshe got to recognize him. Only after asking for permission native Albus, who said yesvery quickly, and also then James, that was a bit an ext hesitant, did Scorpius finallyask Lily out.

Lilyand Rose’s relationship acquired a little bit awkward ~ they started dating yet Rosedidn’t host anything versus her younger cousin. Castle dated because that a lengthy time andoften talked around getting married and also having kids together. Simply afterLily left hogwarts the two broke up after date for nearly three years, Lilytook that well because she still want to it is in Scorpius’ friend no matter abouttheir history. She still loved Scorpius but let pursue Lucy told she she likehim.

Herfeelings towards Lysander in hogwart were an extremely small, she knew the Lysanderliked her but always thought it was a little crush (little walk she recognize that hewas totally in love v her). She believed he to be funny and also liked hangingaround through him however after breaking up v Scorpius and also breaking her eight duringa pretty violent Quidditch match, she bumps right into him again in St. Mungo’s and also romanticfeelings begin to develop. Once Lysander leaves through his father to travel theworld, Lily yes, really misses him and also though they were currently dating, it was themoment as soon as Lily realised the she loved him. When he comes earlier early becausehe missed she too, lock decide that they can’t live without each other. Theyget engaged four months later. They execute wait a while prior to actually gettingmarried but its only since they are really busy through their careers.

Theyhave 3 children and live just external London together.

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Lily proceeds toplay Quidditch and misses Lysander when he travels but he is never too faraway.