The Abbey Church the Sainte-Foy in Conques, France, to be a famous stop because that pilgrims traveling the method of St. James to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain.

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Sainte-Foy Abbey history

Sainte-Foy Abbey, also known together Conques Abbey and also Abbey de Sainte Foy, was among the churches follow me the middle ages pilgrimage route to the Spanish cathedral that Santiago de Compostela. The key reason because that this was the Sainte-Foy Abbey has actually held the relics of its namesake, Sainte Foye, due to the fact that the 9th century.

Sainte Foye, translated as “Saint Faith” was a young girl claimed to have been martyred during the persecution the the christians under the roman inn Empire. She relics were organized at a monastery in Agen prior to being steal by a monk and also brought come Sainte-Foy Abbey, whereby they have been ever before since. They room inside a gold statue that the saint.

The initial monastery building at Conques was an eighth-century oratory developed by monks fleeing the Saracens in Spain. The initial chapel was destroyed in the eleventh century in order to facilitate the production of a much bigger church together the come of the relics of St. Foy caused the pilgrimage route to shift from Agen to Conques.

The 2nd phase the construction, which to be completed through the finish of the 11th century, contained the building of the 5 radiating chapels, the ambulatory with a lower roof, the choir there is no the gallery and the nave without the galleries. The third phase the construction, which was completed at an early stage in the twelfth-century, was motivated by the churches of Toulouse and Santiago de Compostela.

Since 1998, Sainte-Foy Abbey has actually been a UNESCO human being Heritage site, listed as among the historical churches ~ above the “Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France”.

Sainte-Foy Abbey today

Sainte-Foy Abbey is a Romanesque-style church through ornate carvings and picturesque towers. Like most pilgrimage church Conques is a basilica arrangement that has been modified right into a cruciform plan. Galleries were added over the aisle and also the roof was increased over the transept and also choir to allow people come circulate in ~ the collection level.

Its beautiful twelfth century tympanum is a explicate of the critical Judgement. That is treasury is brimming with a arsenal of works by goldsmiths native as at an early stage as the ninth century, which regulated to make it through the French revolution by being covert away.

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Getting come Sainte-Foy Abbey

The resolve of the abbey is place De L’Abbaye, 12320 Conques. You deserve to reach Conques by train from countless cities in France traveling as far as Saint-Christophe-Vallon. From over there there is a shuttle organization that will certainly take you come Conques (about 10 miles). There is likewise Rodez-Aveyron Airport v some local flights.