If there’s pest fountain the youth, the termite queen (pictured above) should be drink from it. Termite queens have the right to live as much as 50 years. Despite some pest species can live to it is in old-timers, most live for just a couple of days or also a couple of hours. Just how long bugs live counts on numerous factors, including species, sex, caste and life cycle.This chart shows exactly how long different varieties of insects live contrasted to various other animals. For an ext facts about the bugs you check out in her house and also how to regulate them, visit the tasiilaq.net info Center.

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Fire Ants

Although fire ant emperors live in between two and also six years on average, the document is seven years. The male fire ant expectancy is much shorter, together they have tendency to live between one and also six months.The queen is the most vital member the the colony, depositing as much as 1,000 egg a day. The sole role of the male is come mate through an unfertilized reproductive female. After mating occurs, the masculine dies.

Bed Bugs

An adult bed bug lives everywhere from four months to an ext than a year v the best conditions. Bed bugs can go an entire year there is no feeding, survive temperatures ranging between freezing and 122 levels Fahrenheit and also are continuous evolving, even adapting to stand up to standard insecticides.


A queen love husband bee stays two to three years, top top average, v a few species life up to 5 years.On average, worker bees live for five to six weeks in the summer. Throughout the winter months, a worker might live up to six months in order to help sustain the hive and raise new workers for spring.A worker bee can only sting once and dies after ~ stinging the victim. It stings to safeguard the hive or once it feels threatened.


Cockroaches have the right to live up to a pair of years, relying on the species. Cockroaches can also live up to a week there is no a head.The expectation of the adult woman German cockroach varies from 20 come 30 weeks.The average lifespan for adult American cockroach females is around 440 days.Adult American cockroaches can live roughly a year to a year and a half.


Fleas deserve to travel through whole life cycle (egg, larvae, pupae, adult) in as tiny as 2 weeks or as long as a year or more. Larval fleas rotate cocoons to get in the pupal stage and can remain in their situation until they feeling the vibrations that food source nearby — this could be weeks. That"s just how fleas deserve to suddenly seem to be all over — they"ve been wait for the right minute to spring right into adulthood.Adult fleas deserve to live approximately two weeks without a host, while their pupa can live for several months.


Most flies live in between 15 and 25 days.In fact, flies reach full adult maturity after simply 12 days. As soon as mature, the female house fly can lay approximately 150 egg at a time in a batch. She have the right to lay around five or six batches before she dies. Paris move quickly from egg (eight to 20 hours) to their 3 larval/maggot stage (taking 3 days come eight weeks depending upon the climate) come the pupal phase (four to six days) and also finally, to adulthood (approximately ten days).It"s interesting to keep in mind that the temperature can impact how quickly flies mature, together the warmer the weather the faster flies will grow and reproduce.


Adult female mosquitoes deserve to live for much more than one month. Males frequently die one to 2 weeks ~ they become adults.Female mosquitoes — the ones that bite — depend on blood meals to offer them the nutrient they should reproduce. After your blood meal, castle lay your eggs — occasionally a solitary egg (certain Aedes mosquitoes), occasionally as many as 300 in ~ a time (Culex spp.) — in or close to bodies the water. Egg hatch and also become larvae or wigglers. Wigglers move into the pupal stage as easily as their species and bordering weather dictates, but typically a couple of days. Pupa come to be adults in just two to seven days and are climate on the hunt for either nectar or blood to start the cycle end again.Mosquitoes have the right to spend almost everywhere from four days to one month in the water, i m sorry is why it"s command to escape your residential property of standing water to assist control the mosquito population.


Most spiders live about two years however some have actually been known to live increase to 20 years when in captivity. Female spiders tend to live longer than male spiders.Many masculine spiders with maturity within two years and die ~ mating. This is often due to the fact that female spiders eat them.


A worker termite might live from one to 2 years. A queen termite deserve to live because that decades, as much as 50 year in some species.


Ticks have the right to live as lengthy as three to 5 months between each stage (egg, larva, nymph, adult). Ticks that call for multiple molts before reaching maturity have the right to take up to three years to reach complete adulthood. Once a tick has reached maturity, that sole objective is to reproduce.A male tick will die soon after mating. Some female ticks lay one large batch the eggs before dying while others will lay a couple of smaller batches before reaching the end of your life.Egg laying may last number of days to a few weeks because that adults. Some species complete a life cycle in as couple of as 90 days, others take a year and a few require 2 years to finish a life cycle (egg, larva, nymph, adult).

Human and also animal comparisons

People: 78.8 yearsDogs: most dogs live eight to 19 years, through an median of 13.5 yearsSmall dog live longer than bigger dogs. Mixed-breed dog live longer than purebred dogs, and also females live longer than males.

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Cats:Inside cat: 15 come 18 yearsOutdoor cat: three yearsMice: around two yearsBy knowing the facts around the lifespan and habits of typical household bugs, you have the right to take steps to regulate them and also keep them native jeopardizing your family"s health and wellness or damaging her home.