These are everywhere several potted tree I have actually on a substantial table that"s in my breezeway. Castle are greatly on the leaves (top and also under) that blood lilies. The are additionally all within of the optimal of the pot where there is no soil. They room on mine spiral ginger, bromeliads, iris and a few other plants. They are additionally on a tiny pink flamingo (turns in the wind) do of wood. They perform not smash and leave environment-friendly on my fingers, for this reason I"m thinking it"s no poop, and also they are smaller sized than a pin head. Castle come off really easy and on the iris, it pipeline a light green circle wherein it was. Any kind of ideas what it might be? Thanks, Jeannie :)

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looks choose poop to me...

smear one.. Yeah i know.. Yuck.. ~ above white paper.. Is it actually green??

look harder because that the culprit.. Cant be every that tiny with the coming out its back end ..



Tried the paper smear and the an initial one simply flattened, the second one rolled up and also the third one did leave a mark but it left a tiny brown mark. Had to really push on the critical one. If it"s pest poop, no problem, I"m just hoping they are not egg from a poor bug. Thanks, Jeannie :)



It looks and sounds choose the tiny spore packets thrown through an artillery fungus. These small fruiting bodies can be very difficult to locate since they frequently erupt from older wood. I don"t mean simply old tree stumps, yet firewood, older building materials that are exposed to the elements, etc. I"ve seen artillery mushroom erupt from the window frames that an older shed.....the spore packets were all over whatever within shooting range.

It really doesn"t sound prefer insect frass no one eggs, to me. No after hearing every one of your "evidence". I"ll it is in curious regarding your thoughts about my theory.

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No chewed pipeline that ns noticed. Could it it is in from the pink flamingo? ns have had it because that years stuck in one pot or another. I have noticed that newly the wood had seperated. If the is these spores, is it negative for the plants? i watered the plants with the garden water tap yesterday and some of the ones on the leaves came off easily, yet I i found it the persons on side of the pot didn"t come off just by watering. Thanks, Jeannie :)

Here"s a picture of the pink flamingo amongst all the potted plants. The majority of the black things, whatever they are, were largely to the appropriate side (behind him). Thanks, Jeannie :)