Percent to fraction conversion is required to exploit the worth of percentage in a calculation. In any kind of calculation, the percent value needs to be readjusted in a number in fractional form by remove the percent symbol and dividing it by 100. So, x percent to fraction is x/100. Because that example, 50% is equivalent to 50/100 which deserve to be lessened to 1/2.

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1.What is Percent come Fraction?
2.How to transform Percent come Fraction?
3.Percent to fraction Conversions
4. Percent to portion Conversion Table
5.FAQs top top Percent to Fraction

What is Percent come Fraction?

Percent way per hundreds or for every hundred. We stand for it as %. A portion is straightforward to recognize as it is ~ above a range of 1 to 100. The percent to fraction is the conversion of percentage values to a fraction. Together per the percent to fraction steps, the percentage deserve to be converted right into a portion by removed the % symbol and also then composing the value in the form of a fraction with a 100 in the denominator. A percentage value the 21% is equal to a portion of 21/100. Any kind of percent is basic to be convert to a fraction and vice versa.

How to transform Percent to Fraction?

There space three an easy steps to transform percent come fraction. Let us look at this three procedures below.

Step 1: drop the percent prize %.Step 2: division it by 100.

Example: Mia has actually 20 items on she shopping list. She checks v her list and finds the she has completed 40% of her shopping. Have the right to you say just how many much more items she has to buy? She has done 40% of her shopping i m sorry is 2/5 of 20 items. 2/5 × 20 = 8. Therefore, the variety of items she has to still to buy is 20 - 8 = 12.

Percent to portion Conversions

The conversion of a percent to a fraction is very simple and convenient. Further, it depends on the numerical value of the percentage. The numeric worth of the percentage can be a whole number, a fraction, or a decimal. In all the instances the percent symbol is dropped and the numeric worth is divided by the number 100. Allow us now look at the complying with conversions from one kind to an additional form.

Whole Number Percent to Fraction

To convert the totality number percent to a fraction, the adhering to steps have the right to be used:

Step 1: remove the percent symbol and divide it by 100.

Let united state look at a basic example to know more. If there room 45 girls out of 100 student in the class, we typical 45% the the students space girls. So, 45%= 45/100 = 9/20.

Mixed Number Percent come Fraction

To transform mixed number percent come fraction, monitor the steps provided below. Think about (12 dfrac12)%.

Step 2: autumn the percent prize %, multiply by 1/100. So, 25/2 % = 25/2 × 1/100 = 25/200.Step 3: alleviate it come the lowest form, i.e. 25/200 = 1/8.

Converting Decimal Percent to Fraction

To transform decimal percent to fraction, follow the steps provided below. Consider the percent value of 7.5%.

Step 1: fall the % symbol and divide that by 100. So, 7.5% = 7.5/100.

Given below is a straightforward percent to fraction conversion table that reflects all develops of conversions written above.

5%5/100 = 1/20
0.5%5/1000 = 1/200
(5 frac12)%11/200

Percent to portion Conversion Table

Percent to portion conversion is very helpful in calculations. The process to convert a percent come a portion is to remove the percent symbol and divide the number by 100. The numerical worth is in the numerator and the number 100 is in the denominator and it forms a fraction. Further, alleviate the portion to attain the simplest fraction value. Here let us look at the percent to portion chart provided below.


Important Points

While converting percent to fraction, we division the given percentage by 100 and remove the percent sign.To transform decimal percent to fraction, eliminate the decimal allude and then divide by 100. Then, multiply the denominator with a power of 10 through as plenty of zeros together the decimal places in the numerator.To convert mixed number percent come fraction, transform mixed to an improper portion and then divide it by 100.

Percent to portion Related Topics

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Example 2: A sugar solution of 1 liter includes 0.8% that sugar. Ryan wants to understand what fraction of sugar is in the equipment by making use of percent to fraction conversion.


To discover the answer, we have to transform 0.8% to a fraction. To transform to fraction, divide the provided percentage by 100 after ~ dropping the % symbol. This gives us 0.8 ÷ 100 = 0.8/100. To eliminate the decimal point, multiply both 0.8 and also 100 by 10. (0.8 × 10)/(100 × 10)= 8/1000. Further, the GCF that 8 and 1000 is 8. So, (8 ÷ 8)/(1000 ÷ 8) = 1/125.

Therefore, 0.8% is equal to 1/125 of sugar in the solution.

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Example 3: James gives 14% discount top top the laptop precious $2500. What will be a fraction of the discounted price?


To discover the portion of the discount, us will have actually to convert 14 percent to fraction. Because that that, we have to remove the percent sign and divide the given number by 100. By removing the % symbol, we get 14 ÷100. The GCF that 14 and 100 is 2. (14 ÷ 2)/(100 ÷ 2) = 7/50.