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I have 4 305 truck motors. I"m told the they have actually the exact same crankshaft as a 350 and have the exact same head bolt pattern. Them I"m reasoning that possibly its the very same block, simply not bored out together much. Can they be bored to a 350 or is the cylinder spreading too slim to be bored out?Steve


all little block chevrolets space the exact same deminsion wise, just the bore and stroke differ, a 305 has actually a 3.736 bore and a 3.480 stroke, a 350 has a 4.000 bore and also a 3.480 stroke, as 0.060 being the limit on most small blocks, that would develop a 3.796 boring on a 305 and including 10 cubic inches.
I hear everyone says that you can"t boring a 305 to 350, however I am wonder why not? Is the 305 casting different than the 350? Is the exterior cylinder wall diameter smaller sized on the 305 or the same. The bolt pattern and the crank room the same....Thanks< march 05, 2003: blog post edited by: nasset >
yes the a various casting, look with the frozen plug holes and take note of the difference of an are between the cylinder bores that a 350 and a 305.
I agree with the orther posts. You deserve to pick increase a 350 at any kind of bone yard. Right off the bat, you will make much more HP and Torque with the 350. Unless you arer restricted in the variety of cubic inches due to a racing class or something, that doesn"t make much sense to build anything smaller than 350 CI. Simply an opinion.

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Yes, you deserve to bore a 305 to 4 inches, then weld chain to the side of the so you deserve to hook it come the side of her boat.
I"ve watched it done before one man bought a 350 that became a 305 boring out only discovered out by running the casting numbers so its been done

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