During volleyball games, you will see a wide variety of calls. Sometimes a referee will call the same call multiple times in a short time frame. Double hit calls have a tendency to run in a streak like that.

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What is a double hit in volleyball? A double hit is when one player makes contact with the ball twice in a row. Whether intentional or unintentional, the second hit is an illegal hit.

What Does a Double Hit Look Like?

In beginner levels of volleyball, players may simply choose to hit the ball a second time because they either forget the rule or they feel that none of their teammates will be able to make the next hit. These are simple to identify for the average person.

Your team will try to send as many hard-driven balls as possible at the other team.

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What is a “Double Double” in Volleyball?

In volleyball, there are 5 main statistical categories that everyone tracks: Aces, Kills, Blocks, Digs, and Assists. A double double is when a player achieves double-digit totals in 2 of these 5 categories in their match. Similarly, a triple-double would be double-digit totals in 3 of the 5 categories.

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