Vista house Prem. I looked at my statistics and also couldn"t believe it.My optimal score is 1275! I recognize there need to be a glitch from many "undo", possibly in conjunction with a "saved game". I understand I never ever won in 25 move . Anyone else have actually this happen?

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My optimal score is 1179 on intermediary level with no undos. What level perform youplay?Cheers.Si"j1169" > created in messagenews:
My height score is 1179 on intermediate level v no undos. What level execute youplay?Cheers.Si"j1169" > composed in messagenews:4
I score 1396, and also the level is beginner, ns did no make any undo, ns dontknow how its possible!!!"j1169" wrote:
Opu,You have actually me beat, my brand-new top score is only 1338. Ns don"t understand if mine high scores involve undo or not. There absolutely must be a glitch in the scoring.
I"ve had maybe a dozen high scores 1260-1289 range. Using beginner level through "real" peak score that 1211. The an insect seems come involve the undo"s after the alternative is offered to stop or continue and undo. If ns continue and undo a 100 point scoring alternative in the process, the points gain stuck somewhere. Can"t reproduce it yet however am observing to check out if I have the right to make it happen at will. To run Vista residence Premuim 2007, due to the fact that May 2009

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I too have a question around a very high score the 1910.It is simple to get captured up in the game and also ignore the scoring if you room not playing in the direction of a high score fairly than success percentage. In ~ the intermediate level the scoring permits only up to 1300 point out as much as I have the right to tell. You begin with 500 points and also points space deducted for each relocate or undo girlfriend play. You space awarded 100 points for each suit stack” the is completed (8 room available) for a total of 800 included to your score at the bottom to with your final score in a properly played game. At any allude your moves and your score will equal 500 points to add 100 allude for any suit ridge completed. A great score seems to it is in anything roughly 1250 definition it take it 50 move to victory the game. As soon as you have played end 500 moves things room not so right forward. Past 500 moves you acquire into negative points the are, for some reason, reset come zero when you ar your next undo move. You also are given your start score the 500 points ago at some point in all this mess. I have never played past 1300 moves the I have actually made a keep in mind of but I am certain I have done therefore at part point. In which method I have actually a high score the 1910 which i did not capture when i scored it and I nothing see exactly how this can be. I have actually played part very, really long games and have noticed at some suggest you gain your beginning score-count the 500 back. Can that it is in it? Is it possible I to be awarded extra points for an unusually “short move” video game won? I would really prefer to know this. Can anyone tell me why or a existing a probably why?
Using the countless undo function I have discovered I deserve to win 98% of up to roughly 400 games. If you room willing come play any type of game for rather a while almost every game can be won if you don’t have a life. I"ve averaged 100% the 100 games played simply for grins v no re-deals. Took a picture of mine statistics box with my phone and sent that to mine friends who could not have actually cared less and also pondered one intervention. Screw them. Right currently I to be 563 out of 610 for a 92% win ratio however I have not to be trying really hard for the last 75 gamings or so. I carry out not choose the hands i play. I play every deal. A great way to increase your mean is to be selective around which transaction you play. An additional note: the cards do not it seems ~ to show the statistical spread out expected. If you transaction a hand through a the majority of 3s and also 7s you would not expect to see any much more for a while however the opposite seems to it is in the case. Play a hand v a many of any card in the start deal and you will view an unusual variety of that exact same card in the very first quarter that the game. I have actually not excellent the math but this does no make feeling to me. Is over there anyone else who has noticed this? If so, any insight?