The Outsiders is a famous resulting age novel by S.E. Hinton. That was first published in 1967 and Hinton was just 18 once it was published. This publication tells the story of a 14-year old boy, Ponyboy Curtis.

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It is around how he struggles while life in a culture where that believes himself to it is in an outsider. In The Outsiders, there are two rival gangs based upon their socioeconomic status. The upper-class corridor is called the “Socs” when the working class gang is the “Greasers”. The story takes place in 1965, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Outsiders friendship is just one of the most well-known friendship themes in books.

Value of Friendship


Man is a social animal. Family, friendships, and relationships are an extremely important for a person, especially in shaping his personality and also life. Good friends room not only good for your mental health however physical wellness as well.

They room there for you in your an excellent times and also your negative times. Moreover, they increase your sense of purpose and belonging. The Outsiders friendship is shown when the corridor acts as the surrogate family. The totality story is based on the relationships within the gang.

The inquiry of friendship as a design template in The Outsiders i do not care clear once we watch the bonding and also love between the Greasers.

Importance of Friendship because that the Curtis family


Gangs room a unit of security. The Greasers gang was developed due to plenty of reasons. The major reason was to deal with up with the lack of other family members members. Ponyboy Curtis, Soda, and Darry had actually all lost their parental in a tragic car accident at a young age.

They didn’t have actually emotional support and love at home so castle leaned on your friends. There to be no selection for Darry yet to action in his father’s shoes and also take treatment of his siblings. That is plainly mentioned in The Outsiders essay that once Ponyboy was ill, it was Two little who took treatment of him as soon as his brothers were at work.

Moreover, we additionally learn that even if your scenarios change, you have to fight difficult to keep your household intact due to the fact that family is important. When their parental die, Darry and Soda work hard – Darry also keeps two work – to assistance their family even though they space mere teenagers.

This mirrors how important loyalty and friendship were for the Greasers. Dally believed that that never necessary any assist when in the form of back-up or security. Yet the night he robs the grocery store, the totality Greasers corridor is over there to assist him out.

When Dally is trying come flirt through Cherry, Johnny speak him to earlier off. Cherry thanks Johnny and also says that he confirmed real courage and acted together a true friend.

Importance of Friendship for Johnny


Johnny’s parents to be alive yet didn’t care around his emotions and well-being. Therefore, he turned to the corridor to assist him navigate his way through life. Ponyboy and Dally fill the void in his life and also take several of his pain far by gift there because that him.

The template of commitment is highly visible transparent the novel. Every gang member is loyal to each other and also they all have each other’s backs. When fights happen between the Socs and also the Greasers, every Greaser protects each other, just like a large family.

We every remember exactly how Dally conserves Johnny when the church is burning. Moreover, when Johnny gets beat up by the “Socs”, the Greasers all acquire together to discover and help him. Another example of exactly how friendship conserved the life that Johnny is once he kills Bob Sheldon and also Dally offers him the method to run away and also escape the authorities.

The corridor was a brotherhood through a shortcut so strong that nothing can stand in their way.

Importance of Friendship for Steve


Even despite Steve isn’t family to the Curtis’s, the Curtis boys treat him as if he to be their very own blood. They know just how hateful a human being Steve’s Dad is, and they take treatment of him as their own. The just reason Johnny eliminated Bob was to save PonyBoy’s life. Johnny says, “They were drowning you Pony – I had actually no choice”. The Outsiders friendship quotes plainly show the importance provided to friendship in the book.

When Johnny witnessed that his friend remained in trouble, the went versus his morals and did the just thing that he could to conserve his friend. Similarly, as soon as Soda writes a letter come Ponyboy telling him exactly how much he misses him and wants him to come back, the knows that Ponyboy can’t due to the fact that it will average trouble because that Johnny.

So he was prepared to bear the ache of staying apart indigenous his brother to aid his friend stay safe, i m sorry shows just how much family and friendship are vital in The Outsiders.

Final Word

Family and also friendship is crucial theme in The Outsiders. In the novel, we discover that no matter what happens, a family is always there for you. However, we additionally learn that household isn’t necessarily the one you are born right into – Real family is the one you produce for yourself once your own blood and flesh betrays you.

Dally keeps the boys for sure by telling them to run away and also tells them whereby to hide. Together the guys escape, Johnny keeps watching when Pony is sleeping. That is willing to sacrifice his very own sleep and also comfort for the of his friend.

Pony realizes that losing his friends, his brothers, is worse than anything rather in his life and this depicts the prestige that is offered to friendship in The Outsiders.

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