Figure 1.--This new York City boy wears a double-breasted reefer coat a component of his seafarer suit.

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The reefer jacket has quite a bit of background attached come it. The reefer coat is basically the same as a pea-coat. Policemans wore a longer version understand as the leg coat. However the ax reefer became an ext popular 보다 pea cosats because that boys" jackets. "Reef" is a sailing term and this is presumably exactly how the jacket gained its name. We have got some information on this necessary account and eventually expect to administer a an ext definitive account. When the reefer jacket and suit disappeared after people war I. The reefer cloak has continued to it is in a popular style.

Historical Origins

The initial term seems to it is in pea coat which shows up to it is in of netherlands origins. This jackets were likewise called reefer jackets owing to their naval origins. The nautical hatchet "to reef" conotates reduce the area that the sail to catch the wind. Seafarers wore heavy jackets as soon as they had to go aloft to take in or let out the sails. It must have been a bitter cold suffer in poor weather. When heavy, lock were brief so the seafarers could much better manuever in the rigging. At any rate the hefty jackets lock wore became known as reefer jackets. Officers wore longer versions dubbed bridge jackets. Gradually the term reefer ended up being mnore well-known that pea coat. In connectio through boys wear throughout the late-19th and also early-20th centuyry, the hatchet reefer was almost always used.

Reefer Coat

Boys wearing sailor suits might during the winter undertake reefer jackets. Seafarer suits to be worn both during the summer and winter. Throughout the winter a coat was compelled for the cold weather. To enhance the sailor suit, reefer jackets like those worn by seamen to be worn through the boys. A reefer cloak is a brief coat or jacket of special cloth. Castle were dual breasted through a dual row that buttons. Unlike seafarer suits, the reefer coat were virtually always blue, hardly ever white. This is presumably since they were worn during the winter as soon as boys were wearing blue sailor suits. Reefer jackets were commonly worn in Britain, Europe, and America. The formats seem quite uniform. Sailor suits varied somewhat in style among countries. The reefer jackets, however, appear reasonably similar in different countries and also over time. There were some differences in the design of reefer jackets. Elegant reefer jackets could have velvet at the collar. There were additionally differences in the number and arrangement that pockets. Lengths additionally varied. Some could come down to knee level, however most were much shorter. Reefer coats were mostly a boys" style, yet we listed them being worn by girls together well. A good example is Molly and Betty Blewitt in England around 1920.

Reefer Suits

Today we normally think the the reefer coat or coat as a was standing alone overcoat to it is in worn in cold weather. Boys in the late 19th and early 20th century, however, wore reefer suits. The reefer javket to be worn together the upperpart that a seafarer suit instead of a middy blouse. As such it was a sailoor suit for winter wear. Boys would wear the coat at house or at school and not take it off favor a coat. A reefer suit would certainly be a two item outfit consists of the jacket and also matching pants--usually kneepants. HBC is not sure about the period of boys that wore reffer suits. One 1897 Sears catalog available them for guys from period 3 to 8 years.
Figure 2.--This Vienna, Austria boy also wears a reefer coat as a sort of overcoat. Notice how similar the coat right here is to the jacket in number 1. There are, however, essential differences. The coat here is one overcoat and also not component of the boy"s sailor suit. Notification the velvet at the collar and longer size of this coat.


HBC currently has only minimal information top top the chronology the reefer suits. The initial sailor suit worn by the future Edeard VII in the 1940s was a white middly blouse and and bellbottom trousers. We space not sure as soon as boy first began weraring reefer jackets. We believed that they ended up being popular in the 1880s and also were worn with the 1910s. This is, however, only an estimate and also needs further conformation. Us are much less sure about the chrnology that reefer jackets together coats.

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Fashion Influence

The reefer coat was more than likely the catalyst for the modern-day blazer. The captain the the HMS Blazer, faced with a visit indigenous Queen Victoria, determined to smarten increase his crew. He outditted castle in short blue sege twin breasted jackets--showing the influence of the reefer jacket. Queen Victoria was an extremely impressed. The jackets worn by the Blazer"s crew was duplicated by various other captains and inspired the modern-day blazer. Some historians, however, discredit this account.

Country Trends

The reefer jacket favor the sailor suit to be worn by guys throughout Europe and also America. While seafarers suits varied simewhat from country to cvountry, HBC has detailed much much less variance in the rather simple styles of reefer jackets. Reefer jackets were together serviceable apparel that they room still worn today.HBC