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Capturing and also holding the fist of today’s students requires understanding, innovation, and versatility. The award-winning BOLDPRINT repertoire delivers ~ above all three fronts to develop positive, authentic analysis experiences because that students of all ages and also reading levels. With engaging titles throughout every series, BOLDPRINT books are the ones students desire to read.BOLDPRINT publications are design not just to captivate reader but likewise to motivate young civilization to realize their potential to come to be effective, critical, and appreciative communicators. As the BOLDPRINT family grows, so also does its popularity together a reliable resource of student books that space both very entertaining and also educationally sound. From carefully leveled small readers come action-packed graphics novels, count on every BOLDPRINT series to supply the same bold method to literacy that BOLDPRINT has end up being known for.

Developing beforehand Literacy

40 highly-visual multi-genre student books focusing on frequently taught topics and themes that appeal come a wide selection of cultural backgrounds. A unique bold method to beforehand literacy, BOLDPRINT children features a selection of text forms an unified with unparalleled visuals designed come grab and also hold the fist of all young readers.

BOLDPRINT kids Graphic Readers

120 carefully leveled readers designed to reinforce vital reading strategies. Fun, functional, and perfect for beforehand literacy accuse — BOLDPRINT youngsters Graphic Readers space graphically engaging, carefully leveled tiny books that will charm all young readers.

BOLDPRINT Anthologies
Supporting proficiency Development

108 multimodal anthologies featuring 12-15 selections and embedded core reading strategies. Captivate. Engage. Inspire. Find the motivation that readers are searching for with the initial BOLDPRINT series — designed to encourage all students to read on, questioning questions, draw conclusions, and expand their horizons.

BOLDPRINT graphic Novels

60 action-packed extended narratives, every designed to highlight and also promote development of a key reading strategy. BOLDPRINT graphic Novels integrate compelling topics, closely leveled text, and dynamic artwork to produce an engaging analysis experience the will have every college student hooked and motivated to save reading.

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20 anthologies featuring closely chosen messages and tasks focused on arising strategies indigenous the oral communication strand of curriculum documents. Talking to learn. Learning to talk. BOLDPRINT Talk concentrates on supporting dental communication and also literacy advancement by encouraging students to talk about and reflect top top concepts.