AsideAside indigenous the capacity to actors spells (and therefore to yell ‘Accio cup of tea’ every ten minutes), an additional downside to not being a sorcerer’s is the absence of magical creatures in our lives.

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But, simply in instance our hogwarts letters have been lost in the post for a few years, here are our top 5 magical pet we would love to take it home, if anyone’s offering.

Pygmy Puff

Violently pink and purple Pygmy Puffs were bred by Fred and George Weasley in the books and ended up being a hogwarts hit. And yes, we’re totally sure lock went with the to adjust of Magic to obtain the suitable breeding licence…

Bred as miniature versions of Puffskeins, Pygmy Puffs came to be something of a craze in the wizarding world. Type of prefer Pokémon cards however fluffier. Ginny bought a violet Pygmy Puff and also called that Arnold, for heaven’s sake. Hamsters and also guinea pigs ain’t got nothing ~ above these little balls of fun.



Hippogriffs – such as our lover Buckbeak – are half-horse, half-eagle creatures v razor-sharp beaks and also foot-long talons. For this reason if you are in the sector for one, make sure you have a big backyard.

Sure, Hippogriffs are slightly more cumbersome 보다 your median Pygmy Puff, however if you have earned their trust lock are very loyal pets with oodles of personality and the strength of flight. No to cite the reality they space adorably old-fashioned and also will just befriend friend if you bow politely. Together gentlemen!

Just nothing blink in ~ them also much. Hippogriffs don’t trust world who blink also much…



Although the great, black skeletal horses may no be as preferable as, say, a small pink-nosed kitten, they’d certainly be pretty beneficial companions. They may not be the many picturesque of pets, but unless you’ve witnessed death, a lot of of people will most likely not understand you had one at every anyway. However let’s not forget that Thestrals are also brilliant navigators, and can fly. Your taxi days are over. And also you don’t even need satellite Nav. In Order that the Phoenix, every Harry has to do is simply say ‘Ministry of Magic, London’ and the bony fellows knew precisely where to go. Carry out Thestrals pop under to the ministry often…?



We all know unicorns are fabulous, and have been galloping roughly European folklore for centuries.

In the wizarding world, and being gorgeous, unicorns are immensely useful. After all, unicorn hair and also horn are regularly used in potions and also wands, and a unicorn’s blood can save one an ‘inch’ from death. Quite fantastic, particularly if you’re lord Voldemort. (By the way, if you space Lord Voldemort, just how on planet are you analysis this?) yet when all is said and done, we wouldn’t want a unicorn for your magical nature anyway – we want one because they’re for this reason adorable. Imagine a little gold unicorn foal gamboling around the house. You will do never acquire anything done.



It’s always a disastrous time when any kind of pet overcome away, yet with a phoenix, us wouldn’t run right into that difficulty so much. Also, through their glorious gold and scarlet plumage, they’d make us look cooler simply by hanging out with one. No to point out the truth that phoenixes are graceful, seemingly wise, and cry tears containing healing powers. Phoenixes have every little thing going for them. And the entirety ‘coming ago to life’ facet is an extremely appealing. Think of how much money you’d save on vet bills.

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