Imagine Dragons are dropping their recent music album, Mercury-Act. 1, ~ above September 3, 2021. With simply 10 work left till the release, the band has their fans every hyped up because that the music. The firebreathers gain excited anytime the band announces brand-new music. The excitement likewise comes native the fact that Imagine dragon drop clues in your music videos & social media write-ups to save their fans busy and entertained even until the music comes out. This time, they have taken extra measures to construct a complex clues game, yet it obtained solved also soon.

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Imagine dragons & Mercury ascending

The band, that has actually recently to be nominated because that VMA Awards, tweeted about the upcoming album on respectable 19, 2021. The album Mercury-Act 1 is about all the highs and lows in someone’s life. Hence, the surname Mercury. They likewise confirmed that Dan Reynolds and the team have been functioning on this album from critical 3 years. They went v 300 demos approximately, to arrive at the current stage.

Cutthroat, monitor You and also Wrecked space the songs that are already released. Together a surprise, Imagine Dragons started a treasure hunt video game that preserved all the pan entertained this weekend. The hints lead come snippets of unreleased songs. These hints do not cover all of the songs. However, it’s quite fun and also going with these clues literally offers you the Sherlock Holmes feels.

Imagine dragons tweeted this on august 21, 2021, offering the an initial clue the the treasure hunting game.

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Fans conveniently started working on fixing the “anagram” clue. They discovered a hashtag on the official site the Imagine Dragons. The hashtag #MercuryAscending leads you come a web page that calls for a password come unlock something. Girlfriend can try passwords come unlock the key surprise. However no one has actually guessed the yet and the critical clue is tho not common by the band yet.


Reversing these letters lead to one more anagram, literally making it: “there is an anagram”. Due to the fact that the initial clue to be “Hopeless Opus Backwards Channel”, fans identified that there would certainly be a YouTube channel through this name. The claimed YouTube channel has a 0.54 seconds video snippet from their unreleased song simple Come, simple Go. It’s the sixth song the Mercury-Act 1.

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More snippets through Imagine Dragons

Easy Come basic Go video snippet has actually letters, dashes and also periods that form coordinates to a ar Desert Breath. If you want to try decoding this video, play that on 0.25 speed. You’ll check out letters flashing top top the screen. This letters represent the digits on friend mobile phone. Moreover, on facebook logo also flashes ~ above the screen at the end of the video. The means, you have to guess the place through the coordinates and search it on Facebook.


By browsing Desert Breath top top Facebook, girlfriend come across snippet of the unreleased song, mine Life. Somehow, the fans figured out the clue the these lyrics link to Cha-Ching lyrics. There was a clock in the video with anti-clockwise movement. And this developed the finish clue: reversal that Cha-Ching and also search the result on TikTok. . Below is the only TikTok on this channel: gnihcahn.


♬ initial sound – gnihcahc

If you focus on the lyrics, it describes the Mercury-Act 1 track # 2: Lonely. Now, the tiktok reflects the native “secondo album” (Italian for second album) and also a blue bird. Blue bird to represent Twitter. While, location of Imagine Dragons 2nd album is smoke + Mirror. Italian that smoke and mirrors is fumoespecchi. This Twitter account has actually “You’re close” in the bio as well. Whoever come up v the idea, is a genius.

— fumoespecchi (
fumoespecchi) respectable 16, 2021

You’re quiet our # 1

The Twitter account offers us a snippet the the unreleased track # 1. It likewise has a very weird background. I beg your pardon is a autostereogram. This was the toughest clue, to be honest. I had to look at for options on the Twitter come understand just how it led to Discord.

11. The snapshot that we can see ~ above the "#1" snippet is one autostereogram. By changing the picture settings, you can see the Discord logo. On the left that the photo, you deserve to see a small inscription "in her eyes ns see" – lines native "I will certainly make it approximately you"

— D(irty dog)arina – Mercurial (
way_less_sad) respectable 22, 2021

That “In her eyes I can see” is a lyric indigenous Imagine Dragons tune I’ll do It Upto You. Dan Reynolds likewise joined the Imagine dragon Discord and also shared text of Dull Knives. He then common the Discord link of the Discord channel title I’ll do It Upto You.

12. Dan Reynolds (dancreynolds#9688) join "Imagine Dragons" Discord and wrote "Hello" "I'm sure I love girlfriend all" "Ask me anything" "Ask a question that just I know". After ~ that, he created "Dull Knives" lyrics and also left connect a to enter discord channel referred to as "IWill make It come You"

— D(irty dog)arina – Mercurial (

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way_less_sad) august 22, 2021

Now, Imagine dragon were no expecting your fans to fix all the ideas so soon. Over there is tho a last clue missing. Let’s wait it rotates we number out what’s happening. The last clue will be mutual soon. If you desire to know it first, tune in to the Discord.