The slip paper is used as a unit loadsupport an equipment in car delivery and also transportation of products.When slip sheets room supported by a pallet board, roller conveyorsurface, flat load transferring surface, or a dare or elevator truck, thestructural stamin of the slip sheet supports the product loadsweight <1>. With the on slide sheet sustained by one of thesetransportation devices the unit fill can quickly be transportedboth internally within a facility and also externally in between twofacility places <1>. The basic setup for lifting the slipsheet unit pack is seen below (Fig. 1).

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There room several varieties of slip sheetsthat deserve to be offered for the transport of a unit fill dependingupon the desired use the the sheet. The slip paper is shame anddimensioned come the dimension of the product or unit load <1>.Thetype of slip paper varies relying on both the variety of lipextensions and also the product from which it is produced (Fig. 2)<1>.

The variation used would depend on theloading patterns, unit load parameters, and desiredmaneuverability of the slip sheet/unit pack <1>.Normally,the thickness of the slip paper is solitary Lip slip Sheet: Thefirst type of slip sheet is the single lip (tab) slip sheet (Fig.2).


With a single lip, the lip faces thenarrow part of the rectangular shaped unit load and the deliverytruck door <1>.This slip sheet variation maximizes thedelivery truck’s an are utilization and also loading and unloadingprocess efficiency <1>.Also, v a solitary lip, thetravel route clearance is reduced as the lip dealing with the unitload carrier.

Multi-lip on slide Sheet: Thesecond form of slip sheet is the multi-lip slip paper (Fig. 2).This form of slip paper is normally used ~ above a container placedonto a rail auto or an s delivery car due to the necessaryloading/unloading trends <1>. This allows a loading maker toload the slip paper unit pack from one side and an unloadingdevice to unload the load from another side relying on thenumber and also pattern that the remaining lips.

LIP handling OPTIONS:

During the transportation or your slipsheet, there room several choices for managing the slip sheet’slip <1>.

leave the lip extended enabling for extr clearance because that the travel route Tape the lip versus the unit load if additional push-pull tasks are required cut the lip indigenous the slip sheet if no additional push-pull tasks are required


Corrugated Slip paper Material:The corrugated material consists of 2 kraft liner boardouter surfaces through a corrugated inner that is external inspection togetherwith adhesive or adhesive <1>. This bonded material gives thenecessary toughness for the push-pull an equipment to clamp the slipsheet as soon as or twice <1>. There are numerous disadvantagesassociated v this type of slip paper material consisting of thatit is not very durable, moisture resistant, resistant come highhumidity or usable in cold storage areas <1>. The advantagesassociated v this material are low cost, one-way use, and also itsability come be moved by a conveyor or lift truck with a slip sheetdevice <1>.

Fiberboard or solid Kraftboard SlipSheet Material: The fiberboard slip paper consistsof number of layers of solid fiberboard sheets laminated with each other <1>.The bonding of layers of several flat solid kraftboard sheetsincreases the slip sheet’s non-tear stamin <1>. This, inreturn, enables the slip sheet to be used several times and indifferent temperatures <1>. In addition, some fiberboard slipsheets are coated v a plastic coating to improve its use inhumid environments <1>. The disadvantages come this form of slipsheet room that it has a medium cost and is not an extremely durable <1>.The advantages with this product are its multiple uses, abilityto resist humid and also cold environments, and capability to behandled by conveyors, AGV, or other power unit loadtransportation tools <1>.

Plastic Slip paper Material:The plastic slip sheet is do of a mix of polyethylenematerials <1>.This type of material allows for higher non-tearstrength and an increased variety of uses in cold and humidenvironments <1>.The only disadvantage come the plastic slipsheet is the high cost <1>.Yet, its benefits includelonger paper life, resilient lips, capacity to be stored in cold orhumid environments, and can be taken on by a roller conveyor, slipsheet elevator truck, AGV, or it is provided unit fill transportationdevices <1>.

SLIP paper vs. PALLET:

When considering the use of a slip sheetvs. A pallet, there room several advantages and disadvantagesassociated with both.

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Slip paper Advantages:

making use of slip sheets rather of wood pallets allows for 12-15% an ext products in material managing containers <2> slip sheets do not require maintenance, yet can conveniently be changed far-reaching reduction in product handling expenses Decreases loading/unloading time by up to 60% <2> Weighs 20 times less than wood pallets, conserving shipping weight <3> have the right to be customized to fit any type of size pack <3> Eliminates the need for pallet exchange Reusable and reliable many are recyclable Is cost-effective

Slip paper Disadvantages:

Pallets administer a better clearance between the floor and the unit fill Slip sheet usage requires unique attachments top top transportation gadgets such as a lift van (but are relatively cheap) When supplied alone, pallets provide much more structural support than on slide sheets Pallets are easily compatible through crane gadgets Lift truck attachment reduces load capacity better load damage slower handling

Overall, the benefits of slip sheets vs.pallets very overate the disadvantages linked with the two.


Size, weight, and also dimensions that the fill Stabilization method Storage method, v or without pallet board type of push-pull maker Number of supplies or supposed life Storage and transportation problems including humidity, moisture and also temperature Loading patterns and number and location of lips form of unit load carrying surface ar Slip paper material


“By convertingsome the its vendors from shipping on wooden pallets come shippingon plastic slip sheets, residence Depot figures it has removed 1.8million pallets indigenous its retail operations and also reduced expenses by $660,000.Slip sheets (1) cost less 보다 pallets; (2) weigh much less,saving transfer charges; and also (3) are just a portion thethickness the pallets, hence increasing cube and improving theefficiency of van loading. Top top the receiving end, slip sheetscan be reused, typically 8 come 10 times. Residence Depot reuses slipsheets showing up at its circulation centers come send commodities toits stores. As soon as the traction tabs rip and a on slide sheet deserve to no longerbe used, that is sent out to a plastic processor because that grinding, melting,and remanufacturing.”<4>

“Eliminate timber pallet difficulties (initialhigh cost of purchase, storage space, damage to your product dueto protruding nails, and costly nuisance of handle of damagewood pallets). Use cost-efficient plastic slip sheetsand all of the over problems room gone! In the past year we havesuccessfully moved from wood/or fiber come polyethylene slipsheets such companies as Hewlett-Packard, Eagle Snacks, Clorox,Hills pets Nutrition and J.R. Simplot (french fried food mfg. ForMcDonald"s). Plastic slip sheets space competitive right now ---thefuture will only rise their value.” (Mcnamee &Associates <5>)


Mulcahy, David E., Material dealing with Handbook, McGraw-Hill, brand-new York, 1999. Replas,, Sept. 8,1999. situation Study No. 9709,, Sept. 7, 1999.

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