Jonas explains that the is curious around release because his dad released a newchild that day. The Giver claims that he wishes that newchildren were not released, and Jonas reminds him that it would certainly be confuse to have actually two identical world walking around. The Giver speak Jonas that, as Receiver, that is permitted to have accessibility to any information that wants and that if he desires to watch a release, he can. Because all personal ceremonies are recorded, Jonas can even watch his father’s release of the newchild the morning. Jonas agrees to clock it, and the Giver call the recording up ~ above a video screen. Jonas watches together his dad weighs the twins, then gently injects something right into a vein in the smaller sized one’s head. The newchild twitches and lies still, and Jonas realizes the it is dead. He recognizes the gestures and posture that the boy that he saw die on the battlefield. Horrified, that watches his father place the human body in a rubbish chute and also wave goodbye. The Giver tells Jonas the he watched the record of Rosemary’s release. She had actually been told to roll up she sleeve, however she made decision to inject herself.

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Jonas is get over by pain and horror as soon as he realizes what relax really is. That starts crying and refuses come go home to his family, understanding that his dad lied to him around what would take place to the newchild. That cannot believe that his friend Fiona effectively kills the Old when they space released. The Giver enables Jonas to invest the night through him and also tries to describe that the world of his ar do no feel things the method that he and also Jonas do. He speak Jonas that Jonas has helped him come decide that things have to change, the the memories need to be shared.

The Giver and Jonas come up through a plan: Jonas will certainly escape native the community, leaving every his memories because that the people of the community. Jonas begs the Giver come come through him, yet the Giver explains that someone demands to continue to be to aid the others resolve those memories, or the ar will be thrown right into utter chaos. Jonas states that that does not desire to care about the various other people, but he knows that the just reason he and the Giver devised the setup is because they execute care about the others. The Giver speak Jonas the he himself is also weak to do the journey anyway. That cannot even see colour anymore. Jonas asks the Giver around his at an early stage experiences v seeing beyond, just how they were various from Jonas’s own, and also the Giver speak him that he heard beyond. The heard music, other Jonas would not understand due to the fact that the Giver has kept music come himself.

For the next two weeks, the Giver plans come transmit memories of courage and also strength to assist Jonas with his journey. In ~ midnight ~ above the night before the Ceremony, Jonas will certainly slip the end of his home with an extra collection of clothing, i beg your pardon he will hide through the riverbank alongside his bicycle. The next day, the Giver will order a automobile for a visit to an additional community, hide Jonas in the storage area, and also give the a head begin on his journey to Elsewhere. The Giver will certainly tell the ar that Jonas has actually been shed in the river, castle will execute the ceremony of Loss, and also he will assist them be affected by each other Jonas’s memories. The Giver speak Jonas the afterward, he will be through his daughter, Rosemary.


When Jonas lastly understands the his father eliminated the newchild when he released it, we know why that is horrified, feeling that his father has actually betrayed his trust. Together readers, we feel along with Jonas the his community is cruel to condone the killing of children and also the Old. However, the death of the infant seems infinitely more horrific come Jonas than it would to virtually anyone rather who resided in his community: Jonas and also the Giver room the only civilization who recognize what fatality really means. Jonas is horrified since the activities of the dying baby echo the movements of the dying young in the memory, and he associates those motions with pain, thirst, and also misery. If Lily or Asher or even Fiona to be to view the fatality throes of the baby, they might not recognize what the baby is feeling—and in reality the baby more than likely does not feel much when it dies, due to the fact that Jonas’s father is therefore gentle. But a year’s worth of transmitted memories have actually taught Jonas come think of fatality as us think the death—something awful to be avoided at every costs.

Jonas’s unequivocal disgust at the baby’s death must it is in heightened through the truth that there is no an excellent reason to remove the baby, other than that that looks too lot like the brother: the baby’s life would certainly not have been extremely difficult, nor would certainly it have put his brother’s life in danger. It simply would have made life a little bit an ext inconvenient because that the members the the community. Jonas does no recoil in ~ the baby’s fatality just since he senses the it is in pain. He has likewise grown to understand the precious of an individual human being and also how people in the previous struggled to preserve life in the confront of war, sickness, and also natural disasters. That disgusts that to check out his dad throwing far the precious uniqueness that the infant probably needs to offer, and also the casual nature that his fatality seems choose an insult to every one of the people who have actually struggled so tough to survive.

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At this allude in the novel, Jonas’s emotionally reaction to the baby’s death overcomes him, come the suggest where he ceases to care what wake up to the other members that the society. Having grown increase acting just for the community’s good, with little thought to any desires that might not offer the community, Jonas currently holds the opposite allude of view. He only wants to rescue himself and also the Giver from the dangerous, suffocating atmosphere of the community. Rather of having actually no strong emotions at all, that has given himself totally to his emotions. Now the Giver has to restrain him, making use of logic to explain that the Giver has to stay to aid the neighborhood if the arrangement is to have any kind of effect. Once he describes this to Jonas, the Giver demonstrates perfect blend of logical, orderly thought and human compassion. Jonas and the Giver room acting in the finest interests that the community, however they room using your emotions and also compassion—things that the community rejects—to assist it.