Over the years, numerous customers had commented on detect the name squaw bread offensive, since "squaw" is a word regularly used as an insult to native Americans.

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The owner the a family-owned restaurant began a contest to rename the squaw bread served in his restaurants after a few patrons made a case that the term was insensitive to native Americans.

But that wasn"t ready for what that said has actually been a "vicious" backlash, with dozens of phone call calls and messages decrying his proposal as also politically correct.

Keith Holloway own the Backstreet Restaurant in Riverside with his wife, Kitty. The restaurant was began by their family 48 years ago.

Over the years, number of customers had commented on detect the name squaw bread offensive, since "squaw" is a word regularly used together an insult to aboriginal Americans, Holloway said.


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In a released letter, linguist Ives Goddard created that while the origins of the word were "innocent," the connotations now are normally demeaning.

Holloway stated that as soon as one client approached him around the bread, and was sincere about its offensive connotations, he covered up the name and wrote "brown" over the brand on the counter.

"I"ve been convinced that it"s an attack word," Holloway said.

One the Backstreet"s cooks, Rubén López, added, "I think that is time to have a brand-new name for this reason nobody gets offended."

Holloway made decision to sponsor a dispute for civilization to rename the bread at your restaurant, and also has gotten around 60 suggestions so far.

Yet, along with those suggestions, Holloway has additionally gotten plenty of hate messages, critiquing him because that conforming to be politically correct, that said.

Holloway said he to be getting around 18 "vicious" voice mails a job after news the his contest an initial spread, call him violation names because that deciding to change the bread name at Backstreet, that said.

"The last thing I want to carry out is offend a customer, and I ended up offending a whole segment of them," Holloway said. "I can"t win."

If he had actually the possibility to execute it everywhere again, Holloway said he would"ve just adjusted the name himself without creating the contest and also involving the press.

He has since taken the temporary "brown" bread label off that the counter likewise because some world were offended by it together well.

Despite the flack Holloway has actually gotten, the has decided to keep the dispute running till the end of July.

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People through suggestions can fax their proposal to 957-683-6466, because that the chance to win a few free lunches at Backstreet Restaurant.