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reference no: EM13653857

For having lunch you and your friends decision to stopat the nearest deli and have a sandwich make fresh because that you with0.350 kgof turkey. The slices that turkey room weighed on a plateof fixed 0.470 kg put atop a vertical feather of negligiblemass and also force consistent of 201 N/m. The slices that turkey aredropped top top the plate every at the exact same time from a elevation of 0.200 m. They do a completely inelastic collision through the plate and setthe scale right into vertical straightforward harmonic motion (SHM). Friend mayassume that the collision time is very small.

1. What is the amplitude of oscillations A that the scale after theslices of turkey soil on the plate?

2. What is the angular frequency that the oscillation? Rememberomega = sqrt k/m

3. What is the duration of oscillation T the the scale?

reference no: EM13653857
What were the initial dues on the spheres

What to be the initial dues on the spheres? since one is an unfavorable and you cannot tell i m sorry is positive or negative, there are two solutions. Take it the absolute worth of th

Helical molecule acts choose a spring and also compresses

A molecule the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is 2.06 µm long. The ends of the molecule end up being singly ionized: negative on one end, optimistic on the other. The helical molecule action

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ball A, rojo west in ~ 3.0m/s, has a massive of 1.0kg. Ball B has amass that 2.0kg and is stationary. After colliding with ball B, ballA moves southern at 2.0m/s. Sketch the system

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A +10nC charge is situated at (x,y)=(0cm, 11cm ) and also a -3.0nC charge is situated (x,y)=(6.0cm ,0cm). Wherein would a -15nC charge have to be located in order that the electric fie

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A feather (k = 1000 N/m) is provided to start objects throughout the floor. If the spring launches a 380 gram toy automobile with a rate of 17.6 m/s, how far was the spring compressed

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suppose that light polarized parallel to the infection axis that the first polarizer, through intensity ns iniitial is occurrence on the stack. What is the intensity of the outgo

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The wheel the an auto has a fixed of 25 kg and a diameter that 67.0 cm. What is the angular inert of the wheel around its axle when the automobile is travel at 25 m/s

two sound sources create sound waves

2 sound sources develop sound waves. The an initial source has actually an intensity level of 38.0 W/m^2 and the second source has an soot level the is 2.5dB better than the intens


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