This page is a guide regarding what size wheels her Ford Ranger takes, and also how to measure wheels in general.

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Quick Info:

The Ford Ranger, Bronco II and Explorer all have a 5×4.5 bolt pattern.

The an easy Ranger wheel diameter is either 14×6 or 15×7 inches.

Stock Backspacing is normally 4.5 inches.

Recommended backspacing top top a 15×7 wheel is 3.75 inches with -6mm offset.*

Recommended backspacing top top a 15×8 wheel is 3.75 inches through -19mm offset.*

Recommended backspacing top top a 15×10 wheel is 4.00 inches through -38mm offset.*

(* = Information provided by American Racing)

Center Bore noted for the Ranger varieties from 70.3 – 70.5 depending upon the wheel manufacturer and chart friend find.

Wheels ~ above a 1998+ 4×4 Ranger will not fit the front of a 1983-1997 4×4 Ranger. The facility hole is too small for the locking hub to happen through. Friend would have to have the hub facility cut out by a maker shop come fit over the hub.

Measuring a Wheel:

Reference Diagram:

When stating wheel measurements, you require to know what each description is referring to. This diagram should help.


Wheel Diameter:

One of the an initial things her your walking to transaction width is wheel size. Wheel size (Example 15×8) is a mix of wheel diameter and rim width.


Rim Width:


A usual mistake when measuring a rim’s width is measure the absolute width of the wheel.

To determine the width of the rim, measure up from bead chair to bead seat across the wheel, not from lip to lip. The bead seat is the part of the wheel wherein the bead that the tire sits once the tire is inflated.

Bolt Patterns:

The Ford Ranger and also Bronco II have actually a 5×4.5 wheel bolt pattern. The diagram listed below will display you exactly how to measure wheel bolt patterns.


4-Lug – Measure indigenous the facility of the first lug come the center of the 3rd lug in the pattern (opposite Holes).

5-Lug – measure from the earlier of the an initial lug to the center of the 3rd lug in the pattern.

6-Lug – measure up from the center of the very first lug to the center of the 4th lug in the sample (opposite Holes).

8-Lug – measure from the facility of the first lug to the center of the 5th lug in the pattern (opposite Holes).

Putting It every Together:

(# the Lugs) X (Measurement between Specified Lugs) 

Example: (5 Lugs) X (4.5″ between Lugs 1 and 3) = 5×4.5 Lug Pattern


Backspacing is the street from the axle pad (the component that contacts the wheel hub) come the within edge airplane (inboard flange).

Deeper backspacing move the wheel and tire inboard ~ above the vehicle; shallower moves them outboard.


The diagram over shows a 2″, 3″ and 4″ backspace. 

Frontspacing is the straight opposite of backspace. Subtract backspace from overall wheel width to obtain front room measurement.

Items required to measure wheel backspace:

1) Tape measure up (ruler)

2) Straightedge that will certainly fit in ~ the inboard flange the the wheel




Offset is the street +/- indigenous wheel centerline, shown in millimeters. To discover the balance out of a wheel girlfriend will must measure the wheel for in its entirety width and measure that is front room (see Backspacing above). 

Once you have actually these two measurements you have to subtract the front space measurement from 1/2 of the in its entirety wheel width. 

Example: A 16×7″ wheel is roughly 8″ wide overall, half of the as whole wheel broad of 8″ is 4″. Climate 4″ – 3″ (front space) = 1″

If the resultant number is positive then the wheel has a positive offset. If the number is an unfavorable then the wheel has actually a an unfavorable offset.


Offset is stated in millimeters so the it have the right to be distinguished from back and front spacing. To convert inches into millimeters multiply by 25.4.

Example: 1″ x 25.4 = 25.4mm

The wheel in the diagram over has a 25mm hopeful offset.

Backspace to offset Conversion Chart:

The table listed below is a quick reference for finding offset. Pick the in salt width and follow the heat over come the backspace of her wheel.


Wheel Spacers / Adapters:

Wheel spacers have the right to be purchased come the wheel out farther. Castle can additionally be to buy to it is adapted an axle to accept a different wheel bolt pattern. Castle are provided by people to room wheels the end away from the vehicle if they space swapping rims the don’t have the proper back spacing. Occasionally enthusiasts use a spacer once swapping Mustang rims top top to their 2WD Ranger to enable enough space for the front facility cap to snap on come the wheel.

The adapters are usually used when civilization swap in an axle that has actually a wheel bolt pattern different than the various other axle ~ above the vehicle. Including adapters to one of these axles will enable the car to usage wheels that have the right to be mounted on one of two people axle.

The spacers/adapters mount by bolting on to the hub whereby the original wheel studs are and have brand-new wheel studs in the spacer/adapter.


Center boring (Hole):

The center bore is the diameter of the hole in the center of the wheel (see diagram at height of page). Friend may discover a rim v the ideal backspacing and also wheel bolt pattern, but the center bore may be too small. In this case, the wheel will not fit end the facility hub the the axle. This have the right to be addressed by some an equipment shops that can reduced the hole the end larger.

Wheels ~ above a 1998+ 4×4 Ranger will certainly not to the right the former of a 1983-1997 4×4 Ranger. The center hole is too small for the locking hub to pass through.

Likewise, any kind of 4×4 wheel specifically designed because that the newer, level front hubs (without a hub lock) will not to the right the former hubs of any kind of 2×4 ranger. It’s theoretically feasible to placed torsion bar 4×4 hub/spindles on a 2×4 Ranger, they usage the very same calipers and also ball joints though this would certainly be a most effort. ~ Sean Votier

Caliper Clearance & Hub Clearance:


Caliper overhang: Is used to recognize the clearance needed to the backside the the spokes that the wheel.

Caliper width: offered in conjunction v caliper overhang.

Radial Clearance: Caliper Radial Clearance.

Hub Height: height of hub diameter. If stepped, both heights compelled for accuracy.

Hub Diameter: sometimes has a step in the that requires both measurements to be accurate.

Length the Stud: size of lug stud, valuable if readjusted from factory.

Stud Diameter: Wheel stud diameter.

As a basic rule: there should be a minimum that one-quarter customs (.250) clearance between the wheel and also any braking or suspension component.

Typical Lug seed Torque Specifications:

Lug SizeFt/Lbs Torque

NOTICE: just like all species of wheels retorque lug nuts after ~ the an initial 25 mile & at 100 mile intervals till lug torque is maintained.

Note: constantly refer come Owner’s manual for suitable factory specifications the take precedence end the provided recommendations.

Tire Clearance:

Having appropriate tire clearance is crucial for a confident wheel/tire surroundings experience. There is no “cast in stone” ascendancy to determine the proper amount the clearance in between the tire and body of the car. There need to be no much less than what is forced to avoid ALL contact between suspension and also sheet metal in all driving situations.

Keep this in mind once measuring your car:

Brake components: Brake currently (metal / rubber), sensors, backing plates, etc.

Suspension components: Upper and also lower control arms, springs, struts, shocks, tie rods, persuade bars, sphere joints, Etc.

Sheet metal: Trim screws, fender lip overhang, inner paper metal, any sharp edge, Etc.

Beadlock Wheels:


Beadlock wheels lock the external of the tire to the rim v grade 8 bolts rather of the waiting pressure and a lip that holds tires to traditional rims. Beadlock rims are basically a two item rim (the wheel and the lock ring) that sandwich the tire between the two pieces that rim. This allows you come run an extremely low air press to boost traction (1-7 PSI) without danger of de-beading or popping the tires off the rim. Many beadlock suppliers lock the external edge since of the method force is applied to the tire during rock crawling. In rockcrawling, the exterior bead is 90% much more likely to come off the wheel climate the within bead.

Vehicles That have actually a 5×4.5 Wheel Bolt Pattern:

Here is a perform of vehicles that have wheels v a 5×4.5 bolt pattern. This doesn’t necessarily median that the wheels will fit her Ranger there is no some kind of modifications.

All complete size cars1979-85
Bronco II1983-90
Crown Victoria1979-Current
Country SquireAll Years*
GranadaAll Years*
MonarchAll Years*
Mustang1965-73 (small facility hole)SVO 1985-861994-Current
Mustang II1974-78
RangerAll Years
Cherokee (XJ)1984-01
Wagoneer (XJ)1984-89
Brairwood (XJ)1984-91
Comanche (MJ)1984-92
Grand Cherokee (ZJ)1993-98
Wrangler (YJ)1987-95
Wrangler (TJ)1997-06 (small center hole)
Liberty (KJ)2002-present
Ram 1501974-85
Ram Charger1974-85

Note about Jeep Rims (contributed through compleckz):

Stock 15×7 stole wheels from my girlfriends 1996 Cherokee 4×4 fit well on the rear, yet the offset brought about the rim come hit the caliper in the former of my 1997 Ranger 4×4. The rim could not spin, however it fit over the hub perfectly fine.

I at this time have some 15×8 aftermarket stole wheels indigenous a Jeep Cherokee on mine Ranger, I think the backspacing is 4″. Lock fit fine, but the extra backspacing causes the 33’s to rub on the radius arm more (need to adjust the stops). Even though these rims space .25″ various than my 3.75″ backspace rims, they show up to suck right into the truck A many more. I at this time have one 4″ backspace pickled in salt on the left rear, and one 3.75″ on the best rear. The difference is rather noticeable and also I have to say the 3.75″ backspace rim looks much better.

Mustang Wheels:

Many Ford Ranger owners have swapped the wheel from a Ford Mustang on their Rangers. For an ext information, examine out the Mustang Wheel Page.

Ranger Rims:

Here is a list of rims offered on the Ford Ranger from 1988-2007. Us didn’t perform the straightforward steel wheels, just the upgraded persons for far better appearance.

Note: Bronco II’s common the same wheels with the Ranger.


1988-1992 (14×6 & 15×7)


1990-1991 (14×6)


1991-1994 (15×7)


1993-1995 (14×6 & 15×7)

(Commonly referred to as ‘Deer Hoof’ rims)


1993-1997 (15×7) – Steel


1995-1998 (15×7)


1996-1999 (14×6 & 15×7) (14×6 only for 1998)


1998-1999 (15×7)


1998-Only (14×6)


1998-2007 (16×7)


1998-1999 (14×6)


1998-1999 (16×7) – stole Chrome


1998-1999 (15×7) – steel Chrome or Gray


2000-2007 (15×7) D-Shape Slots


2000-2004 (15×7) – stole Chrome


2001-2007 (15×7)


2002-2007 (16×7)


1985-1988 Ranger (15×7)

Explorer Rims:

In addition to some of the wheels presented above, the Explorer likewise offered this wheels:


1994-1995 – traveler (15×6.5)


1996-1998 explorer (15×7)


1999-2001 traveler (16×7)


2002-2005 traveler (16×7)


2002-2005 explorer (16×7)


2002-2003 traveler (16×7)


2003-2007 traveler (17×7.5) (5 x 135 bolt pattern)


2005 explorer (16×7) (5×4.25 Bolt Pattern)


2006-2007 traveler (18×7.5)


2006-2007 explorer (17×7.5)


2006-2007 explorer (16×7)


2006-2007 explorer (17×7.5)


2007 explorer (18×7.5)

Want come Contribute?

Do you have actually photos looking down the next of her truck the would show how far your wheel stick out? If you recognize the rim dimension (5×10?) and also the backspacing (3.75?) and also would favor to send united state a picture so others have the right to judge what different wheel sizes and also backspacing would look like, please Contact Us.

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Have image of a manufacturing facility wheel from an additional vehicle the fits on her Ranger? Send us a photograph of your vehicle with the rims top top it Contact Us.