Wondering what each other of horse has the finest temperament? gain to understand the finest no-drama, tenderness giants.

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Whether spring to acquisition a horse, researching lease options, or picking a class horse, many human being wonder what the calmest equine breeds are.

In this article, we’ll comment on five of the calmest horse breeds, including:

Remember, there are no “guarantees” once it comes to temperament. In ~ every breed over there are general traits, but every horse is an individual.

For each recommendation, we discuss what is typical of the breed—not separation, personal, instance horses.


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You may additionally find a wonderfully calm horse within a breed of frequently “hot” horses—like an off The track Thoroughbred (OTTB) or Arabian that’s super mellow.

On the other hand, a horse that’s theoretically bred because that an even temperament may be hot.

Love learning around different breeds? check out ours 4 best Horse Breeds because that Beginners and 11 finest Breeds for first Time equine Owners.

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wondering what breed of horse has the ideal temperament? get to understand the finest no-drama, tenderness giants.
5 Gentle horse Breeds you’ll Love
American Quarter horse
Morgan steed
Norwegian Fjord
Connemara Pony
Calm steed Breeds Infographic
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Q: What steed breeds are finest for beginners?
Q: What breed of horse has the smoothest ride?
Q: What is the ideal horse breed for a kid?
Q: Where have the right to I uncover a equine temperament scale?
Q: What room the ideal riding horse breeds?
Q: What is the friendliest steed breed?
Q: What is the ideal breed of equine for very first time owners?
Q: What is the most docile horse breed?
Q: room Irish Sport horses calm?
Q: space Rocky Mountain horses calm?
Q: space Arabian horses calm?
Q: What is the ideal horse each other in the world?
Riding need to Be fun

5 Gentle equine Breeds you will do it Love

American 4 minutes 1 Horse

American 4 minutes 1 Horse

The Quarter steed has certainly earned its location on our list of calmest steed breeds. They are the most well-known breed in the world, with millions of Quarter Horses approximately the globe.

They room iconic in the American West, wherein cowboys depended on them throughout long work on the range.

Quarter horses are well-known for your versatility and can it is in found completing in any type of discipline a driver wishes come pursue. They have notoriously calm temperaments that make lock a natural an option for rookie riders and also horse owners, together they quickly win hearts and also build riders’ skills and confidence.

Learn why Quarter equines made our perform of the 11 best Breeds for first Time horse Owners.

You can like talk a Quarter horse if you:

Are brand-new to horses: Quarter horses take treatment of their riders, while permitting you to reap the ride. They understand their job, and perform it v the utmost diligence.Like come share: v a quarter Horse, girlfriend can problem less around letting a friend, neighbor, or complete novice hop on your equine for a ride. Your Quarter equine will take treatment of anyone is on their back.

Hold her Horses

Quarter equines were bred to race, and also as with any type of breed, there are some hot Quarter equines out there.

When you’re looking at horses to purchase, it’s crucial to evaluate temperament, and also make sure the equine is the ideal fit because that you.

Chief Rookie Aside: check out our list of 60 concerns to Ask as soon as Buying a Horse.

Horses that came from the track, and also even part Appendix Quarter horses (crossed v Thoroughbreds) may not have actually the patience temperament you’re seeking.

Eager to learn More? Visit The American Quarter equine Association.

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Calm breeds are especially wonderful to occupational with because that clicker training. Inspect out our 6 basic Clicker Training exercises for steeds to obtain started.

Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse

Figure is the establishing sire of the Morgan breed. He was born in 1789 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the whole breed can trace its root to this solitary stallion.

Figure, later on referred to by his owner Justin Morgan’s name, to be a versatile horse that could complete in a race, job-related in the fields, and also be ridden under saddle.

Learn why Morgan horses made our list of the 11 best Breeds for first Time equine Owners.

Morgan equines are “America’s first breed” and helped type many various other breeds us love today, consisting of the quarter Horse, Standardbred, and Tennessee go Horse.

They space a beautiful breed, through slightly dished faces, arched necks, and also flowing manes and tales. Morgan horses deserve to be discovered throughout the joined States and Canada, and abroad.

You might like riding a Morgan if you:

Want it all: Morgan horses are versatile. In fact, the versatility class at Morgan steed shows proves it. In this class, equines are required to ride, drive, and also jump over two fences. Morgan horses deserve to be found on the trail, in competitive control events, working cattle, and also on and on.Your equine is your ideal friend: Morgan horses have actually incredible personalities, and are eager to link with and also please people. If you desire a “heart” horse who will end up being your finest friend, look no further than a Morgan horse.Seek adventure: when the Morgan is a calm breed, their herbal high head carriage and also keen interest in anything new have them passionate to set out top top the trail. Even in the present ring, they room calm when majestic.

Hold her Horses

Some Morgan steeds are bred because that the show ring and are hotter than others in the breed. Similar to the 4 minutes 1 Horse, you should evaluate all steeds as individuals, and find one with the quiet temperament girlfriend desire.

Eager to discover More? Visit American Morgan steed Association.

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Having a calm horse is key, however you might be wonder Do horses Actually prefer Being Ridden?



The Appaloosa was bred by the Nez Perce Indian people in the Northwest. The Nez Perce raised plenty of horses, and also were well-known as wonderful horseman. Your tribe used the steeds for hunting buffalo and also to move roughly the plains.

Learn why Appaloosas make our list of the 11 best Breeds for first Time steed Owners.

Approximately 10% of the Appaloosas bred by the Nez Perce were spotted, and their vibrant coat trends had countless fans. World referred to them as the Palouse horses, after the Palouse river in northern Idaho. The name ended up being Appaloosa over time.

The Appaloosa steed Club was created in 1938 come protect and improve the breed.

You can like riding an Appaloosa if you:

Are colorful: The blanket of spots or leopard cloak pattern space distinct, and also will help you stand out from the remainder of the crowd. No all Appaloosas room as colorful, and while just one point out is forced to come to be a registered Appaloosa, most have actually the distinctive cloak pattern us know and also love.Want to connect to history: The Appaloosa to be bred and also raised top top the levels of the west, and has a distinct history. The society honors that background every year through the cook Joseph Trail journey in July, a four-day ride native Grangeville, Idaho come Musselshell Meadows, Idaho. They also offer local trail rides throughout the country.Want that all: comparable to our quarter Horses and Morgan horses, the Appaloosa is known for your versatility. The very same horse have the right to easily aid you v your English, Western, or follow goals.Need a kid-friendly horse: Appaloosas are additionally known because that their ability to teach youth to ride and love horses. Their kind temperament and also calm personality make them a favorite amongst children and young adults.Love a steed with personality: Appaloosas room fun! They have actually a most personality and also character. Uncover one that matches her personality, and it’s a enhance made in heaven.

Hold your Horses

Appaloosas were likewise bred for speed, and also there remains a vibrant community the races this horses. As soon as seeking the end an Appaloosa, be cautious that you select one bred because that temperament and also versatility, quite than the race track.

Eager to learn More? Visit The Appaloosa equine Club.

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Norwegian Fjord

Stout and sweet, this “light draft” breed is beloved because that its dorsal stripe and roached black and tan mane together it is for its endearing personality.

These pint-sized horses are as sturdy sufficient to bring kids and adults and calm enough to put also the many anxious riders at ease. You’ll likewise see this each other pulling carts, enjoying trail rides, act dressage, and much more.

You could like talk a Norwegian Fjord if you:

Want come take things slowly: Fjord equines are recognized for their calm and willing demeanor, but they will hustle once the task demands a small extra energy.Love gift on display: Be all set to protect against for passersby who want to take it selfies v your steed — people are drawn to this breed’s kind manner and also cute appearance.Value steadiness end sass: due to the fact that they were bred to traction carriages, hot-tempered and also spooky genes have actually been bred out notinto the modern-day Fjord.Like to provide back: This each other is renowned with therapeutic riding programs, wherein calmness is key. Whether you desire to officially work with a riding routine or simply aid other anxious friends dominate their fear in your backyard, watch no further.Don’t execute heights: If you worried about falling and prefer to stick closer come the ground, you’ll love the feel of speak a full-size steed — without risking a full-size fall.

Hold your Horses:

Though this each other is wonderful because that pleasure riders, drivers, and kids, they no designed to rise up the present jumping level or smoke the competition in ~ high-energy occasions like reining.

Eager to find out More?Visit theNorwegian Fjord steed Registry

Connemara Pony

Beginner adult riders regularly ignore an entire category the wonderful horse partners–ponies! Adults and also children, alike, deserve to enjoy numerous breeds the ponies.

The Connemara Pony is notoriously athletic, sweet, and willing — no to cite utterly adorable.

You might like speak a Connemara Pony if you:

Believe good things come in tiny packages: This breed stands 12.2 to 14.2 hands, which renders it perfect for typical adults and also children of every ages.Want a “horse” that holds up: Connemaras are built to critical with strong backs and also hind quarters, deep rib cages, and also crested necks. With ideal care and also love, they’ll remain on the job for many years.Value willingness: not all ponies have a “pony attitude.” instead of sass and sourness, you’ll reap a partner who is dignified, willing, and intends to please.Love one all-star athlete: desire to jump? go for it. Love follow riding? have at it. Passionate to try a little cow work? No problem. This each other is athletic sufficient to shot anything.

Hold your Horses:

This each other is prone to Hoof wall surface Separation condition (HWSD), for this reason make certain your farrier and vet keep a close eye on her pony’s hoof health.

Eager to find out More?Visit theAmerican Connemara Pony Society

Calm horse Breeds Infographic

You’re welcome to use this infographic ~ above your own website *as long as friend link ago to horse-rookie.local.*

Feel free to re-superstructure on Pinterest, too by hovering end it and also clicking the Pinterest icon.#knowledgeishorsepower


Frequently inquiry Questions

Q: What steed breeds are ideal for beginners?

Quarter equines will help you obtain confidence in the saddle and working ~ above the ground together they have actually calm temperaments, will conveniently put your mind in ~ ease, and permit your an abilities to develop.

They space dependable and also steady, 2 traits that any kind of beginner should seek.

Learn much more about the 11 best breeds for first time equine owners.

Q: What each other of horse has actually the smoothest ride?

The Morgan steed is known for their rocking horse canter. Morgans have short backs, which renders their gaits extremely smooth. Talk a Morgan will give you confidence and also hours the enjoyment.

Q: What is the finest horse breed for a kid?

Find the ideal Appaloosa for your kid, and also you’ll clock them bond and grow together. Appaloosa’s have actually a the majority of character, and also are well-known for their wonderful personalities as soon as working through youth.

Q: Where deserve to I discover a horse temperament scale?

There space a many resources with steed temperament scale on the Internet, from mother blogs, to Pat Parelli Horsemanship.

We recommend this evaluate of horse Behaviour as it describes the theory, questions to ask, and other resources obtainable (including Parelli).

Q: What space the best riding horse breeds?

Quarter horses are known as exorbitant riding horses, and also the hrs spent in the saddle ~ above the selection by cowboys is a testament for their ride-ability.

Learn more about the 11 best breeds for an initial time equine owners.

Q: What is the friendliest equine breed?

Morgan horses are recognized for your endearing personalities. Castle would more than likely come in the house if allowed.

Morgan steeds will follow you around, and also bond v you in a way few other each other do.

Q: What is the finest breed of horse for first time owners?

We have an comprehensive article around this topic! Learn more about the 11 best breeds for very first time horse owners.

Q: What is the most docile equine breed?

Every steed is different, for this reason don’t rely on the breed alone to dictate what type of personality your equine will have.

That said, Norwegian Fjords space widely lovely for their docile, sweet, and also tolerant temperaments. It’s why they often tend to make such good therapy horses!

Q: space Irish Sport horses calm?

Irish Sport steeds are a cross-breed that Thoroughbreds and Irish draft Horses. They’re recognized for your hardiness, stamina, and jumping ability.

Their athleticism and also intelligence are thanks (in part) come the Thoroughbred breed, however their calm and also sensible minds space thanks come the irish Draught breed.

They can be stouter athletes, therefore be sure you have the an abilities to take care of a bit larger steed — especially over fences, if you choose to jump.

If you’re in search of a willing-yet-scopey mount, take into consideration the ireland Sport Horse.

Q: room Rocky Mountain equines calm?

This each other is well-known for it’s good natured personality and love for your humans. Bred fans prayer the horses’ lack of spookiness, specifically while follow riding, and trust in their riders.

They’re also bred to have incredible stamina, hardiness and also curiosity.

If you’re looking for an even-tempered trail companion with comfortable gaits, a Rocky Mountain horse may be for you.

Q: space Arabian equines calm?

There’s plenty to love around this breed, yet they space not broadly known because that calm temperaments.

Arabians space designed because that stamina, surefootedness, and also intelligence. Your energy and also “hot blooded” nature might not do this the breed because that you if calmness is top of her wish-list.

That said, there space exceptions within every breed. We’ve lot of plenty the Arabians who room sweet, docile, and patient mounts.

Q: What is the finest horse each other in the world?

If you’re playing a numbers game, the clear winner is the American 4 minutes 1 Horse. The volume of Quarter equines in the people speaks to their resilient popularity.

However, the finest horse each other in the people may it is in the one that’s in your backyard. It’s a very an individual question.

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Riding should Be Fun

The civilization is complete of wonderful horses, and also the quarter Horse, Morgan, and Appaloosa are simply three examples of traditionally calm breeds that let you focus on why you started riding in the first place—for fun!

Many of ours honorable mentions are featured in the 11 ideal breeds for an initial time steed owners.

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Horses share your beauty, power, and strength with us, providing us wings and teaching us to fly. So, whether you pick one of these breeds, or something different, head out and find her dream horse.