Edmonton Public schools is the second largest school district in Alberta. We offer students, families and also communities transparent Edmonton v a variety of program and great learning spaces. As elected officials, the board of Trustees space responsible because that the education of much more than 103,000 college student in Edmonton. They develop Board policies and make important decisions that shape our Division"s work. Check out the latest news story or learn about our method to literacy, numeracy,sexual orientation and also gender identity, inclusive learning and also more.

2020-21 college YEAR

Total variety of Schools214
Elementary Schools128
Elementary/Junior High Schools35
Elementary/Junior/Senior High Schools5
Junior High Schools28
Junior/Senior High Schools4
Senior High Schools14
Other educational Services7
Educational program in an Institution12
Student Enrolment (September 30, 2020)103,655
Total employee (September 30, 2020)9,518.71FTE
2020-21 operating Budget$1.196 billion

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District strategic Plan

District Strategic setup 2018-22


Success,one student at a time


We accumulate student success v high quality finding out opportunities, sustained by meaningfully engaged students, families, staff and community.


Supporting the Vision, Mission and Priorities space the Division"s cornerstone worths of accountability, collaboration, equity and integrity.

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Annual education Results

Three-Year education and learning Plan

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About Us


Edmonton Public schools is help to form the future in every among our classrooms.

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We’re focused on ensuring each college student learns to their full potential and develops the ability, passion and also imagination to pursue their dreams and also contribute to their community. Learn more »

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