"Another devilishly clever question—the "question" question." — Stanislas Dehaene

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"Chrysanthemum"  by Katinka Matson | katinkamatson.com



After twenty years, I’ve operation out the questions. So, for the finale come a noteworthy tasiilaq.net project, deserve to you questioning "The last Question"? 

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Interrogate Reality

Did ns say "twenty years"? mine strange obsession through the idea of "Question" goes ago to 1968 once I first wrote around the idea that interrogating reality 1

"The final elegance: assuming, asking the question. No answers. No explanations. Why do you need explanations? If they space given, you will once more be facing a terminus. They cannot acquire you any further than you space at present. 2 The solution: no an explanation: a description and also knowing how to take into consideration it.

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"Everything has actually been explained. Over there is naught left come consider. The explanation can no longer be treated together a definition. The question: a description. The answer: not explanation, but a description and knowing exactly how to consider it. Asking or telling: over there isn’t any kind of difference.

"No explanation, no solution, yet consideration of the question. Every proposition propose a reality must in that complete analysis propose the basic character the the universe compelled for the fact. 3 

"Our type of innovation consists not in the answers, yet in the true new of the inquiries themselves; in the declare of problems, no in your solutions. 4 What is crucial is not to illustrate a truth—or also an interrogation—known in advance, however to lug to the world specific interrogations . . . No yet known as such to themselves. 5

"A complete synthesis the all human being knowltasiilaq.net will not an outcome in vast libraries filled through books, in terrific amounts of data save on computer on servers. There"s no worth any more in amount, in quantity, in explanation. Because that a complete synthesis of human knowltasiilaq.net, usage the interrogative." 

The conceptual artist/philosopher James Lee Byars contacted me and also suggested a teamwork of species which brought about our taking day-to-day walks in main Park together Byars and also I walked and also talked, conversing only in interrogative sentences. Walk it sound like fun? desire to try it?

James Lee soon began to build his ideas which led to "The civilization Question Center":

To arrive at one axiology the the world"s knowltasiilaq.net, look for out the most complex and innovative minds, placed them in a room together, and also have them ask each other the inquiries they are asking themselves.”

On November 26, 1968, he released "The human being Question Center" in a one-hour tv program developed in Brussels at the studios of the Belgian national Television Network and broadcast live to a nationwide audience.

Click here to watch

During the hour, he dubbed numerous commemorated intellectuals such as composer john Cage, scientific research fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, futurist Herman Kahn, artist Joseph Beuys, novelist Jerzy Kosinski, poet Michael McClure, and also asked, in assorted ways, the following:

"I’m trying to uncover hypotheses that human being are working through that are diminished into some form of very basic single inquiry with no explanation, hopefully, that’s essential to lock in your own evolution of knowltasiilaq.net. Might you offer one that’s personal?"

For the 50th anniversary of "The human being Question Center," and for the finale to the two decades of tasiilaq.net Questions, i turned it end to the Edgies:

"Ask "The last Question," your last question, the question for which you will it is in remembered."

John BrockmanEditor, tasiilaq.net


Notes1 John Brockman, By The Late man Brockman (New York: Macmillan, 1969)2 Ludwig Wittgenstein, Zettel, eds. G. E. M. Anscombe and G. H. Von Wright, trans. G. E. M. Anscombe(Berkeley: university of California Press, 1967), p. 58e, para. 315. Alfred phibìc Whitehead, Process and also Reality (New York: Harper & Row, 1960), p.17.4 Paul Valery, The Outlook For Intelligence (New York: Harper & Row, 1962).

See more: In 'Naruto', Why Does Kurenai Have Red Eyes, : R/Naruto

5 Alain Robbe-Grillet, For a new Novel, trans. Richard Howard (New York: Grove Press, 1965).

Russell Weinberger, combine PublisherNina Stegeman, associate EditorKatinka Matson, Co-founder & resident Artist

Thanks to Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly, and George Dyson for 20 years of advice and also support.