The three naturally occurring isotopes the potassium space $ce^39K$ ($38.963707:mathrmamu$); $ce^40K$ ($39.963999:mathrmamu$); and $ce^41K$.

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The percent herbal abundances of $ce^39K$ and $ce^41K$ room $93.2581\%$ and also $6.7302\%$ respectively.

a) What is the natural abundance of $ce^40K$?

b) determine the isotopic mass of $ce^41K$.

So I started to use this equation:

$mathrmatomic:mass = (fractional:abundance:isotope:1 cdot mass) + (fractional:abundance:isotope:2 cdot mass)$

But then ns realized that i did not have some values. $ce^39K$ is the only isotope which has two values. $ce^40K$ only has actually the mass weight, however, if i were to multiply $ce^40K$"s mass with ($1-0.932581$) would that help me arrive at one answer?

Also, would that answer be accurate due to the fact that it only takes right into account the there are only to values that add up come 100%. isotope
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A). If you know the percentages the the diversity of $frac23$s the the isotopes then recognize the percentage of the $3^rd$ is as simple as

$ 100\% - (\%_ce^39K+\%_ce^41K) = \%_ce^40K $

B). Detect the mass of the isotope should be pretty simple. It would certainly be

$(mathrmMass of proton cdot mathrm# that protons )+(mathrmMass of a neutron cdot mathrm# the neutrons ) approx mathrmMass of isotope$

You disregard the load of electrons due to the fact that the fixed is tiny relative come the others.

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