namesymbolZneutronsAlithium-6isotope336lithium-7isotope347lithium-8isotope358Table 3. Three of the isotopes of lithium. The atomic number is always 3. However, the atom mass number, A, changes as the variety of neutrons changes.

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Number of neutronsHowever, the variety of neutrons in a nucleus go not affect the element. Nuclei the lithium deserve to have 3, 4 or 5 neutrons. We speak to these various isotopes that lithium.

Since various isotopes of an element have various numbers of neutron (but always the same variety of protons) castle have different mass numbers. The isotopes of lithium have actually mass numbers 6, 7 and also 8. We speak to them lithium-6, lithium-7 and lithium-8 respectively.

RadioactivitySome isotopes room unstable and are therefore radioactive. Lock emit radiation to become an ext stable.

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Lithium-6 and also lithium-7 space both steady isotopes that lithium. However, lithium-8 is radioactive and decays by b radiation.

navigation barQuestion 8Look in ~ the signs below. In each case, decision on the missing information and kind it into the space.a)i. number that protonsii. number of corpuscle in the nucleusiii. number of neutronsiv. number the electrons(in neutral atom)b)i. number the protonsii. number that neutrons