ns am trying to specify "people who buy things only after anyone else already have".Maybe "The laters"?

It need to be up to 3 words.

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Update: instance of use

I don"t choose to be a beta tester, I"m kind of missing_word



In the specific context of technology, the typical term is late adopters. Here is a meaning from the Macmillan Dictionary:

someone who is sluggish to start using or purchase a new product, technology, or idea.

The phrase has actually made its method to the brand-new York Times.

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1006a: The hatchet late adopters originates from analogy through early adopters. The latter phrase was an initial introduced through Everett Rogers in his theory about the diffusion the innovations. Rogers identified five class of individuals: innovators, early adopters, beforehand majority, late majority, and also laggards. The critical three space sometimes linked into a solitary category, followers.

Technically, then, follower would capture the feeling you want of being part of the majority: together you stated in a comment come a various answer, it would certainly be

Someone who behave like many of us.

But if you wanted to emphasize the lateness of her adoption, laggard would fit better. However, the dedicated meaning of these terms is unlikely to be recognized to many audiences, while late adopter would be fairly straightforwardly understood. The brand-new York time headline would not read as transparently if "late adopters" were changed by "followers" or "laggards", for example.

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The OP appears to typical the human being who buy gadget X after all the post-release bugs have actually been found and fixed and the price has actually gone down. If the OP wants to keep the avian metaphor, contact them the wise owls.

Calling them wise owls is ideal on two levels: (1) owls are mostly nocturnal, contrasting with the at an early stage birds; and (2) owls space birds the prey. The way owls food on the impatience of the early birds who have to uncover the bugs and also pay a greater price.

As because that the term way owl, Wikipedia states that:

The modern-day West usually associates owls v wisdom. This connect goes back at least as much as ancient Greece, whereby Athens, provided for art and also scholarship, and Athena, Athens" patron goddess and the goddess that wisdom, had actually the owl as a symbol.

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I don"t favor to it is in a beta tester, I"m sort of a late majority type.

Marketing industry has terminology for the various species of consumers. Over there is no opposite to an early adopter- it is just one of five broad sweep categories.

Marketers have broken consumers down into various groups and created this snazzy curve referred to as the Innovation adoption Curve, <...>

Adopter classification #1: Innovators — <...>

Adopter group #2: Early Adopters — <...>

Adopter category #3: Early Majority — Early majority consumers collect much more information about the product and also will sweet the pros and cons prior to they make a decision. They listen to your opinion leaders and will count on your groups’ opinions rather of creating them because that themselves. They’re critical group nonetheless and should no be ignored! Early majority group members room positioned in between the earlier and later adopters and also are intentional in your data repertoire process.

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Adopter category #4: Late Majority — Alright, currently we’re to the skeptics. Late bulk consumers embrace a new product mainly since their friends have actually all embraced them and also they feeling the have to conform. This team is typically older and has below average income and also social status. They listen to word-of-mouth interaction over mass media, due to the fact that they trust your friends more.

Adopter group #5: Laggards — Laggards carry out not depend on team norms and also values, as with Innovators. <...> - https://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/blog/innovation-adoption-curve/