Introduce the steps and also terms of the PACED Model: determine the problem; brainstorm choices to the problem; use criteria

to judge the alternatives; advice the solution. Look at the PACED design to visually see actions on matrix. Do sample quick food/lunch trouble solving making use of this activity, discussing how to rank options with happy–plain–sad faces. Introduce costs and benefits that decision making and find number of of every in the having lunch decision making process. Present online career facility as a website to discover careers. Ask college student to click on ‘Grade 4-6’ and also ‘Jobs’ to look at job opportunities. ~ this overview, ask them to pick 4 career possibilities that they room interested in pursuing. Usage the PACED version to perform these careers as alternatives. Use the criteria words native the job titles top top the website for the PACED Model. Complete this activity using the exact same happy–plain–sad confront rating system. Evaluate career an option by compare costs/benefits of the decision.

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1. Testimonial the PACED design with students. Ask lock to write answers to the complying with questions. Talk about with the class as a follow-up activity.

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What does every letter of the PACED version stand for? write a sentence to explain each vital word. A trouble is a concern or situation that needs to it is in solved. Choices are choices you can use to deal with your problem. Criteria room reasons used to judge your alternatives. Advice is evaluate your options to reach a decision.>What is a expense in decision making? What is a benefit? Explain how the PACE design helps united state make an ext informed decisions.

2. Student have to print a copy that the PACED version grid.

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He/she should finish the grid effectively using the trouble of“What type of pet have to I choose?” The grid should incorporate four pet alternatives and 3 criteria come judge every pet. Ask student to share the results with the class.