An area of 20 acres can have millions of different shapes. Itcan be round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, orirregular. Knowing the area doesn"t tell you the shape or theproportions. As long as the total included area is 43,560 squarefeet, it"s an acre.

The smallest possible perimeter for 20 acres would be a circlewith a diameter of 1053.2 feet. The circumference is 3308.75 ft =0.63 mile.

The smallest possible plot with straight sides would be asquare, with sides of 933.4 feet, and perimeter of 3,733.5 ft =0.707 mile.

But you can make 20 acres have as large a perimeter as you want,with no upper limit. For example:

A strip of land 10 feet wide and 87,120 ft (16.5 miles) long.Area = 20 acres. Perimeter = 33 miles and 20 ft.

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