To rise the contact area of pulley and also beltTo achieve minimum facility distance in between driving and also driven shaftTo attain maximum facility distance between driving and driven shaftTo have required direction of rotation

Sometimes, 2 or more gears room made come mesh through each other to transmit strength from one column to another. Such a combination is calleda equipment train.

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When over there is only one gear on each shaft, it is known asa straightforward gear train.

Since the equipment 1 drives the equipment 2, as such gear 1 is dubbed the driver and also the gear 2 is dubbed the pushed or follower.

The objective of an idler gear used in gear trains is to have actually the compelled direction the rotation at the output shaft.

It may be noted that once the variety of intermediate gears (idler gear)isodd, the movement of both the gears (i.e. Driver and driven or follower) islike.But if the variety of intermediate gears iseven,the activity of the moved or follower will certainly be in theoppositedirection that the driver.

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