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Where Paul"s family members lives former to relocating to Florida.

Tangerine County

Where Paul"s family lives in Florida.

Tangerine ar Civil design Service

Where Paul"s dad is hired originally as an engineer and then together director.

Lake Windsor Downs

The surname of the housing breakthrough where Paul"s family members lives.

Lake Windsor High School

Where Paul attends until the sinkhole destroys part of the campus.

Tangerine middle School

Where Paul transfers to after the sinkhole incident.

St. Anthony"s Catholic School

Where Paul"s mother wants come send that after the sinkhole occurrence at Lake Windsor middle School and where he winds up going after he is expelled native Tangerine middle School.


Where Paul"s grandparents live.

The Erik Fisher football Dream

What Paul calls it whenever the conversation transforms to Erik"s football career.

Tangerine middle School war Eagles

The mascot for the soccer team Paul joins.

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