Sleeves off and leather cowboy hats on! Summer is here and Kenny Chesney layouts are perfect come rock throughout the hot months. Known for hit song such as “Don’t Blink” and memorable duets v the likes the Time McGraw and also even P!nk, Kenny Chesney is not only a legend in nation music, however a format icon as well.

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Stetson Men’s Apache 4X Buffalo feeling Cowboy Hat

Kenny Chesney’s Style

While you might not have the ability to travel the world and also sing renowned songs, you absolutely can rock the Kenny Chesney style. Known for a laid-back masculine beach look, Chesney’s style is certainly unique. In ~ Stampede western Wear, us have acquired the complete guide on exactly how you have the right to dress prefer Kenny Chesney.

Cowboy Hat

The quintessential clip in Kenny Chesney’s wardrobe: a leather cowboy hat. That the first step in completing your Kenny Chesney style. That is frequently spotted rocking either a white, tan, or black color coboy hat. These cowboy hats room perfect to pair with any kind of sleeveless shirt or blue jeans.


No issue the season or the place, Kenny Chesney regularly wears denim blue jeans of all kinds; even on the beach. Strumming his guitar and staying cool, men’s blue jeans are a should if you are trying come dress like Kenny Chesney. Just make sure they no to tight, Kenny Chesney prefers a relaxed fit compared to much more form-fitting styles desired by Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan.


Comfortable and stylish, Kenny Chesney is always seen attract a sleeveless shirt. If his laid-back layout of cut off sleeves is not perfect for everyone, Kenny Chesney generally sports a casual T-shirt ~ above stage. The sticks to an nearly neutral color palette, choosing colors such together gray, white, and also navy blue. His basic style choices make it simple to recreate and usually bag well through just about anything you can find, simply keep the casual and skip the jacket because that this one though.

Last, yet Not the very least – Boots

Of course, the country icon’s look wouldn’t be finish without a pair the cowboy boots to tie it all together. If you are trying come dress prefer Kenny Chesney, go for tan and rugged style country boots to finish the look. As soon as Kenny Chesney is not touring though, he’s just barefoot on the beach.

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Kenny Chesney is a an excellent style incentive if you want to keep it simple, you simply need to know where to acquire all the country and western wear. Our affordable and also stylish men’s layouts will have actually you singing and also rocking tunes as if friend were nation legend, Kenny Chesney, himself.