Although Dean Winchester is partial to his brown leather jacket, sometimes (especially after season 6) he wears other jackets. Like Dean’s utility shirts, these jackets usually conform to his specific style (utilitarian).

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These types of jackets can go by a few names; utility coats, cargo jackets and military coats are usually what people call them. They have several pockets and, often, have straps on the shoulders. Jackets like those that Dean wears can be found at many popular clothing stores (Amazon, The Gap, American Eagle, etc…).


Dean Winchester has been wearing this leather jacket for years. We can even see him wearing it during his high school...

Dean Winchester

Dean received this necklace from his brother, Sam, as a Christmas gift when they were young boys. This exchange in shown...

Dean Winchester

Dean wears a couple of different types of bracelets throughout Supernatural. This one in particular has some skulls and...

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Dean Winchester

The trick to getting a style like that of Dean Winchester from Supernatural, is layers. Throughout the series we can see...