Water conditions changes daily, prefer the weather! There room a few things to store in mind as soon as visiting Galveston beaches:


Sea Stuff

Seaweed – Seaweed is the amazing s vegetation that offers a habitat because that a wide variety of maritime life, both in the ocean and ashore. The amount of seaweed discovered washed ashore our beaches different greatly, though beforehand summer often tends to be top season. Us love seeing vital part of ours ecosystem on the shore!


Sharks are vital part that a healthy and balanced ocean ecosystem. When you might see sharks in the waters around Galveston, they are unlikely to it is in dangerous. The Texas shore is one of the the safest waterfronts in this for - in much more than 100 year there have only to be 17 shark bites here in Galveston. Safety is the highest possible priority and there room some precautions that can be taken to assist avoid sharks:

Steer clean of institutions of fish (these are often a food source for sharks)Stay the end of the water if you are actively bleedingNever shot to touch a shark and leave the water immediately if sharks are sightedAvoid dawn, dusk, and also nighttime swimmingDon’t swim where fishing is taking placeSwim in a groupLeave shining jewelry and also watches at residence (or at least out of the water) and also don’t wear high contrast swimwear


Alligator populations in Texas were once in dangerous decline but careful work through conservationists and wildlife experts has made repopulation initiatives successful. Unusual conditions -- like periods of heavy rain -- mean that you might come throughout an alligator in Galveston, if they’ve traveled downriver. Follow these advice to aid stay safe roughly alligators:

Never feed alligatorsDon’t approach, attempt to touch, or attempt to relocate alligatorsNever disturb nests or little alligators and never attempt to take it one as a petKeep your pets and children away from alligatorsSwim in groups and avoid known alligator habitatsAlligators execute not desire to it is in cornered or crowded

Want to understand more? Learn about alligators and also find more safety tips.

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Safe Swimming

Our warm ocean waters welcome swimmers and we desire to make sure safety is everyone’s peak priority. Below are some tips for safe and fun swimming:

Check beach conditions and sea stuff prior to swimmingSurvey swimming area for potential dangersAlways have a girlfriend or a groupKnow her swimming level and also the ability of those you’re swimming withNever dive in shallow water or water that unknown depthStay alertPay close attention to children and inexperienced swimmersSwim sober

Safe Boating

We welcome boaters to our beautiful waters! Remember that safe boating practices safeguard you, fellow boaters, and the environment.

Find area public watercraft launches here: Texas Public watercraft Launches

For boater education and boating laws, inspect with the Texas Parks and also Wildlife Department. TPWD also has basic water safety tips for you! The U.S. Coast Guard additionally offers basic boating security for all.

Safe Fishing

We’ve got good fishing spots! Make certain you remain safe, protect the environment, and ensure fishing for numerous years come come by following basic safety precautions and adhering come fish and also wildlife regulations, which contains purchasing a fishing license.

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Find safe fishing tips here and here.

Looking for a windy pier for fishing? Click below

The TPWD additionally stays on top of fish intake bans and advisories. Make sure you inspect THIS PAGE prior to consuming any type of fish!