At the elevation of his comedic superpowers in 2010, Adam Sandler put together a at sight team of above comedians to star in the movie ‘Grown Ups’, i m sorry was additionally co-written and co-produced through him. Boasting the likes that Kevin James, rob Schneider, David Spade, and also Chris Rock, ‘Grown Ups’ was practically universally panned by critics however was a advertisement triumph, controlling to displace 2006’s ‘Click’ together the greatest grossing Adam Sandler movie at the time.

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The premise of ‘Grown Ups’ is rather simple – a team of five middle-aged men referred to as Lenny Feder, Eric Lamonsoff, cut McKenzie, Marcus Higgins, and Rob Hilliard reunite because that a weekend for the funeral of their junior high school basketball coach at a rented lake house. Each man now deals with their own set of challenges and also issues in life, however the reunion elicits fond old memories and also hilarious new hijinks.

If you to be wondering what were the filming locations of ‘Grown Ups, check out on.

Where to be ‘Grown Ups’ Filmed?

While every of the friends has actually their very own life in various cities, the story the ‘Grown Ups’ largely takes ar in an unnamed town in new England whereby all 5 grew up. This is whereby the lake house is situated that the gang rented after winning your junior high institution basketball championship aged twelve, and also again thirty days later on after your coach’s funeral. Sandler’s personality Lenny have the right to be seen donning equipment from assorted iconic new England connections consisting of Boston University, Harvard, Vermont, new Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

The actual filming places for ‘Grown Ups’ consist of a selection of venues across the state the Massachusetts consisting of Boston, Essex, and also Marblehead. Certain scenes were also filmed in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Southborough, Massachusetts

The funeral scene because that the gang’s small high school basketball coach Buzzer to be filmed at the Pilgrim Congregational Church in the posh town of Southborough in Massachusetts. The school was very first established nearly three centuries earlier in 1727 and also received a $25,000 donation from the production company for filming permissions.

A few scenes were additionally filmed ~ above the infrastructure of the local Woodward school in Southborough, for which the school received a $10,000 donation.

The town of Southborough is among the wealthiest neighborhoods in Massachusetts and is renowned because that the 9/11 Memorial Field and the Breakneck Hill conservation land. The area has actually previously additionally served as a filming place for Jennifer Lawrence’s 2015 drama ‘Joy’, Brendan Fraser’s 1992 drama ‘School Ties’, and also the sports comedy ‘Freedom Park’.

Essex, Massachusetts

The main filming ar for ‘Grown Ups’ is close to the Chebacco Lake in Essex ar in eastern Massachusetts. The lake lies in ~ the borders of the coastal town of Essex and also the rural/suburban town of Hamilton. This is also the place of the lake residence where the corridor meets up because that the short article funeral 4th of July weekend.

Chebacco Lake is a enormous 209 acre reservoir that is designated a good Pond, which method that that is own by the state of Massachusetts when being open to the public for recreational use. Examine out this snapshot of the collection location:

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Filming also took ar at the Centennial Grove in the city of Essex, wherein the production crew constructed two new basketball courts because that the shoot. The town’s basic fund likewise received a hefty $150,000 payment indigenous the manufacturing company, through the filming having approximated to have actually pumped virtually a million dollars right into the neighborhood economy.

Essex is a relatively small seaside town about twenty six miles north of the city that Boston. The city previously provided to be a hub because that shipbuilding and is right now known because that its shellfish industry. The filming that ‘Grown Ups’ in Essex was actually an extremely beneficial for the local economy, together Selectman ray Randall relays, “The town has benefitted considerably from this movie gift filmed here, and also those benefits continue to this day”.

Other prominent movies filmed in Essex, Massachusetts include the 2013 crime drama ‘American Hustle’, the Academy compensation winning drama ‘Manchester by the Sea’, and also the 1993 fantasy comedy ‘Hocus Pocus’.

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Various Locations throughout Massachusetts

Limited filming for details scenes in ‘Grown Ups’ also took place in miscellaneous other locales in Massachusetts consisting of Boston, eastern Wareham, and also Marblehead.