Celebrities are really talented people, and often in much more things than one. Uncover out i beg your pardon of your favorite actors and singers deserve to speak French!

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French can be an exciting language. It\"s linked to a classy style and high art, and it\"s tiny wonder the resonates through writers and performers. It links to France\"s beauty and how the country enjoys a an excellent aura that art and intellectualism. Also, it\"s not too difficult a language come learn, so numerous will obtain into that in high school. In acting, it\"s natural for a demonstrate to obtain a few phrases in French for a movie role, and also some are far better than others at it.

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however it\"s how amazing how many celebrities are very fluent in French outside of any kind of role. A few can grasp it well because that interviews and also stand out nicely v the talk. Others are less sure however still amazingly capable of the language. Here are ten celebrities you most likely didn\"t know were fluent in French.

10 Gwenyth Paltrow can Master The Language

It\"s renowned Gwenyth Paltrow can quickly mimic a British accent (see Shakespeare in Love), yet it turns out she\"s authentic in French as well. Having actually grown increase in some exclusive schools to examine acting, Paltrow captured the language early, and also while she hasn\"t used it on film, she has actually wowed French interviewers with her skill.

Paltrow deserve to admit to a couple of errors, however overall, her master is excellent, proving \"Goop\" can work in any type of nation\"s setting.

9 Bradley Cooper Is Fluent

part celebrities discover French as soon as living overseas or because that a role. Bradley Cooper was influenced to learn it once watching someone speak in the Oscar-winning movie Chariots that Fire.

thinking it was a \"cool language\", Cooper required to it quickly and also used it for a few roles such as Alias. Cooper admits his grammar might be better, however it\"s impressive how he can easily speak to French interviewers and also adds another facet come his handsome appeal.

8 Jodie Foster Sings In French

among the most successful previous child stars ever, Jodie Foster has earned 2 Oscars and also raves for she directing movies as well. Yet it can be overlooked that Foster is a level 7 in French-speaking, among the highest for a non-native.

The factor for this is the Foster attended Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a French-speaking prep school, and also has even been may be to song songs in French.

7 wilhelm Shatner speaks French, not Klingon

to this day, wilhelm Shatner good-naturedly tells Star Trek pan he doesn\"t understand a native of Klingon. Yet Shatner is quite experienced at French, having actually grown up in Montreal.

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He claims he learned it by \"osmosis\" as almost everyone else around him might speak the language and that French-Canadian has actually some distinctions from europe French. While the prefers to speak English, Shatner deserve to still break out some French to throw fans a bit.

6 Natalie Portman Is Fluent

Natalie Portman\"s movie debut remained in 1994\"s The Professional, starring well known French gibbs Jean Reno. Thus, she got an early grasp the the language she\"s enhanced on as she grew up. Portman is quite multi-lingual, fluently in Spanish, Japanese, and also Hebrew together well.

She obtained to present off she French in the movie Planetarium and also easily converses with interviews in the language. Now one marvels what Star Wars language she might know….

5 Morgan Freeman sound Imposing In any kind of Language

v his deep voice, Morgan Freeman has become a voice-over grasp in enhancement to an Oscar-winning film icon. While at UCLA, Freeman picked up French, which the would take on for his acting classes.

he prefers using English once in France, however Freeman is fluent and also can make French sound simply as imposing as any kind of other indigenous when delivered in the authoritative voice.

4 Angelina Jolie master The Tongue

her exotic looks constantly make Angelina Jolie was standing out. She\"s French-Canadian on she mother\"s side and also has spent a many time in Paris for both filming and with she family, finish with her very own chateau estate.

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Jolie is to teach her kids French and has broken it the end for interviews and a few roles. Similar to anything else she does, Jolie renders French seem also better.

3 Helen Mirren Is A Dame In French together Well

In an amazing fifty-year movie career, Helen Mirren has done everything from Oscar-winning dramas come big-budget blockbusters. The sassy brother Dame is an icon in her native England but additionally quite famous in France. Mirren has become a mainstay the the Cannes movie Festival and speaks the language fluently.

She also wanted to execute the movie A Hundred-Foot Journey totally in French, but the filmmakers had her use English as well. In any kind of language, Mirren is a wonderful film force.

2 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Francophile

The Walk is the true story of Phillipe Petit, the French daronger who as soon as walked a cable in between the world Trade center towers. When cast in the role, Joseph Gordon-Levitt insisted top top replicating Peiti\"s accent.

It transforms out Gordon-Levitt had actually take away French poetry while at Columbia University and enjoys the country. He\"s talked of his love of French movies and also has come to be quite expert in the language sufficient to convince various other Frenchmen he\"s a native of the land.

1 Taylor Swift Can\"t song It but Speak It

provided she\"s one of the best international pop stars on the planet, it need to be no surprise Taylor Swift has nabbed a gift for languages. If she\"s not at the suggest she have the right to sing in French, Swift has actually mastered some phrases for the live crowds in Paris concerts.

She\"s additionally been able to converse through French interviewers, therefore while no fluent, Swift reflects that she can affix with the French people and any English speaker.

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