As the name suggests, legendary Pokemon (collectively described as “Legendaries”) are the most renowned and powerful creatures within the Pokemon universe. Naturally, that renders them extremely sought ~ in the long-running series of Nintendo games, through the latest installments, Pokemon Sword and Shield, gift no exception. Most players seek to do their party the Pokemon the most dominant around, in enhancement to offering themselves some ammunition because that trades conducted online or locally. This makes for a renowned recurring question: Can friend breed legendary Pokemon in Sword and also Shield? this is what you need to know.

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You might’ve i found it a Pokemon Nursery or two during your adventures in the Galar region. These infrastructure will care for a pair the your recorded Pokemon, which, provided the two room compatible, can an outcome in a Pokemon Egg being discovered. Pokemon should be of the contrary sexes and also coupled with either a member of their species or a Ditto, which can take the type of any Pokemon.

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Even knowing this details and setting everything up simply right, unfortunately, legend Pokemon can not be bred in one of two people Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. Upon return to the Nursery ~ leaving a legendary breeding pair there because that an appropriate length the time (around 20 minutes), no Egg will certainly be present and players will be told that “they don’t seem to favor playing v each other.”

This blog post is plan to show incompatible reproduction pairs, confirming that it isn’t possible to breed Legendaries in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

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This is typical practice in the franchise, together exceedingly rare legend Pokemon wouldn’t continue to be that method for lengthy if players could just keep creating more. That might come together unwelcome news, but try to be glad that your legend Pokemon will remain precisely that, rather than becoming fairly commonplace instead.