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When girlfriend think of Tracy McGrady play basketball, i m sorry jersey is that wearing?

Is the the standard Orlando No. 1 in which he won 2 scoring titles and established the backboard self-alley-oop?

Or is that the red No. 1 ~ above white, the one that wore through the Rockets as soon as he poured in an epos 13 points in the final 35 secs to beat the Spurs earlier in 2004?

It"s not straightforward answer. And also that could be component of the factor that McGrady -- for all his other-worldly talent -- might find self in a distinct group the NBA legends: in the Hall however somehow no in the rafters.

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It"s looking favor McGrady, despite entering the Naismith hall of reputation on Friday, will not have actually his jersey retired by one of two people the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic or any kind of of the seven franchises he played for.

"Tracy has been one of my favourite Rockets throughout my ownership and also one of the best players in NBA history," said longtime Rockets owner Leslie Alexander. "I"m incredibly proud that Tracy"s well-deserved induction into the room of Fame."

But what around retiring his number?

According to league sources, the Rockets have made no plans come retire McGrady"s jersey in Houston, and also revisiting that decision has actually been put on organize while the brand-new ownership comes into place. Last week, Alexander reportedly agreed to sell the franchise come Tilman Fertitta because that $2.2 billion. Currently, Trevor Ariza has actually been wearing No. 1 because that the Rockets over the previous three seasons. Together of now, that won"t need to find one more jersey because that training camp.

It"s extremely unlikely mountain Antonio would certainly retire No. 1 to respect the six games Tracy McGrady played for the Spurs.Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesIn Orlando, wherein McGrady is the all-time leader in points per game, the instance is a small trickier.

Unlike the Rockets -- who have actually retired the jerseys the Clyde Drexler (22), Calvin Murphy (23), Moses Malone (24), Hakeem Olajuwon (34), Rudy Tomjanovich (45) and also McGrady"s teammate Yao Ming (11) -- the Magic have actually zero former players who jerseys hang in the rafters. But if girlfriend look up at the Amway Center, you"ll discover No. 6, which has been worn just on one chance in that team history. And also it to be by room of Famer Patrick Ewing, of every people, in his last season.

But the No. 6 isn"t because that Ewing in honor of his 4 starts v the organization. No. 6 is a tribute to its fans. The 6th Man. The Orlando Magic, as of now, have no plans come retire a jersey past No. 6.

But that doesn"t typical the Magic won"t be honoring McGrady. He can be the saturday member that the Magic room of Fame, which, starting in 2014, "celebrates good players, coaches and executives that have had a significant impact throughout the team"s history." McGrady would join three various other players -- Nick Anderson, Shaquille O"Neal and also Anfernee Hardaway -- in the Magic Hall.

But again: a clues in Springfield, however no retired jersey. How rare is that? This hasn"t taken place in practically two decades.

Consider that there are 117 players in the Naismith hall of Fame and also only seven of those uncover themselves in McGrady"s shoes: a lengthy Hall of Fame career (more than 600 gamings played) through the bulk of the work done for energetic franchises. (Louie Dampier, because that example, shined because that the ABA"s Kentucky Colonels, i m sorry closed shop in 1976 during the NBA/ABA merger.)

The list: McGrady, bernard King, Artis Gilmore, Chet Walker, Bailey Howell, Richie Guerin and Harry Gallatin. Only three the those name -- McGrady, King and Gilmore -- played in the 3-point era. Yeah, this is a rarely phenomenon.

The Knicks" bizarre jersey history

There is one organization that is mainly responsible because that shutting out three of those names: Gallatin, Guerin and King. That course, it"s the Knicks. It"s not favor this is the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers instance in i beg your pardon there just aren"t enough jerseys to walk around. The Knicks have to be falling all over themselves to allude to its history and away from the current circus.

Gallatin was a seven-time All-Star and two-time All-NBA squad member for the new York Knicks in the 1950s. In fact, Gallatin was called to the an initial NBA All-Star Game, in 1951, and to now holds the Knicks" document for most consecutive gamings played, v 610. Gallatin was great, and also consistently great.

Bernard King still holds the Knicks" single-season scoring record, however his No. 30 stays in circulation in new York.Focus top top Sport/Getty ImagesAnd get this: In 1993, the Knicks company retired the jersey that Gallatin"s longtime teammate dick McGuire"s No. 15, i m sorry was currently retired for Earl "The Pearl" Monroe 6 years earlier. Yes, the Knicks retired No. 15 double without law the same when for Gallatin, who ranks fourth in success shares in Knicks history. (Retiring a number twice kinda defeats the objective of retiring a number, doesn"t it?) The Knicks retirement No. 613 for Red Holzman, however not No. 11, which was worn many recently by Cleanthony at an early stage in 2015-16. There"s no real an excellent reason why Gallatin"s No. 11 isn"t hanging in Madison Square Garden.

And that"s not all indigenous the marvels of MSG: Guerin to be a six-time All-Star for the Knicks, was born in new York, went to high school in brand-new York, was drafted by new York, was inducted into the Naismith room of reputation with many of his points score in new York. He"s a brand-new Yorker by blood, and also yet, his No. 9 isn"t retired.

And the brings united state to King, that was the NBA"s scoring leader in 1984-85 with 32.9 clues per game in a Knicks uniform. That remains the Knicks" franchise document for scoring average in a season. The next guy on the list? the course, it to be Guerin"s 29.5. Another brand-new Yorker who starred in new York and also doesn"t have actually his jersey retirement for new York.

Bailey Howell? He was a six-time All-Star in the 1960s v three various teams, mostly well-known for his work-related in Detroit and also Boston. His problem? that played for the Celtics, who have actually literally gone to letters because they"re running the end of retirement numbers.

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The Celtics have retired an NBA-high 21 jerseys not including "LOSCY" for Jim Loscutoff and also a microphone because that iconic broadcaster Johnny Most. Paul Pierce"s No. 34 will be the 22nd number, i m sorry would double the complete for the next-highest team, the Portland follow Blazers. Howell"s No. 18 was retired in 1981 in respect of Dave Cowens, so uneven they traction a Knicks double-dip, Howell will stay in this group. Interesting way enough, No. 18 was likewise Loscutoff"s number, but they preserved it active for Cowens.