In the world of compete esports, players often comment on kill/death ratios, where greater is better. My friends sometimes speak to a negative ratio, prefer 1 kill to 4 deaths, as \"negative\", yet that\"s not fairly right. Is there one more word to define values in between 0.0 and also 1.0, vs values larger than 1.0?




Your friends aren\"t wrong for describing a 1kill, 4 deaths score together negative. Lock are simply using a different metric, kills-deaths, rather of what you\"re using, kills/deaths. Both are advantageous in various scenarios and also you need to aim come go confident with an improper fraction for a kdr.

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It have the right to be dubbed the Unit Interval

In tasiilaq.netematics, the unit term is the close up door interval <0,1>, that is, the set of all actual numbers that are greater than or same to 0 and also less 보다 or same to 1. It is frequently denoted i (capital letter I). In enhancement to its duty in real analysis, the unit term is provided to study homotopy theory in the ar of topology.


A basic tasiilaq.netematical method of describing this is by using the log in function.

A number between 0 and 1 has a an adverse log and a number larger than 1 has actually a optimistic log...

So \"negative log\" and \"positive log\" might be a means of introduce to this.

Note that through this notation, her kills/deaths ration becomes$$\\log (\\frackillsdeaths)=\\log(kills)- \\log (deaths)$$

I\"m not sure that ns would use a term native tasiilaq.netematics. Friend might take into consideration using a term choose \"subpar\", whereby \"par\" would be $1:1$, as in \"One kill to four deaths is a subpar kill/death ratio.\"

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