(1+11, 2+10, 3+9 etc..) and also I noticed also if you add 6 to 12 and use 18 as the basic bottom number because that the following clock (with 18 in 6's place, and also 24 in 12's place) you acquire the very same outcome, opposing numbers always will add up come the number sit at the height (13+23, 14+22, 15+21 etc....). This go on forever as long as you save the 12 number clock face.

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Is there some type name, law, or explanation because that this?


There's nothing distinct going on. You're just including and subtracting 1 every iteration. This would job-related for any kind of arbitrary n variety of clock positions. 1 + (n-1), 2 + (n-2), 3 + (n-3), etc. For this reason this is simply a an effect of just how you've favored to analyze opposing numbers.

There was an old cheat when discovering your times tables in grade school:

Supposedly Gauss provided the same fact about series to come at the sum of 1-100 really quickly (see math Forum: asking Dr. Math: Gauss and the sum of numbers from 1 come 100).

Thats pretty cool actually, i love that kind of thing. I never ever noticed that. I suppose my following question is: why? That's a nice bizarre pattern to simply manifest choose that.

I dislike to say it but isn't this kind of self-evident to anyone v a descent master on how numbers actually work. That is beyond just memorizing addition but actually internalizing it. Nothing impressive here, if you add and the subtract the same number from 12 you'll acquire twelve back? not surprising.

I hate to speak it however that write-up reeked of virgin douchebaggery. However what go this

if you add and the subtract the very same number indigenous 12 you'll get twelve back? not surprising.

Have to carry out with anything? include and subtract the same number? room you not following? If you're walk to be the internet comic book guy at least be funny and at least recognize whaat your talking around in the first place.

Because girlfriend are adding up fountain of the totality circle... 1/12 + 11/12 = 12/12

Since us lay out the hours in ascending order then the pattern of corresponding 1 with 11, 2 with 10, etc seems like straightforward pattern come make.

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Since us lay the end the hours in ascending order then the sample of equivalent 1 with 11, 2 v 10, etc seems like straightforward pattern to make.

I discovered this component a bit vague. Ns feel favor I'm lacking some fundamental structure right here in why the number that room opposite each other would work-related them selves out this way. Obviously ns realise they are fractions that 12, but you're very first part only makes sense to numbers that are opposite each other. 7/12 + 4/12 does no equal 12, how come?